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Support Character of the Month

This award is chosen by the command staff. The support character of the month, has helped support the sim, through several joint post missions with the crew. This award internal to the sim.

Category: In character
Awarded: 6 times

John Eagle
07/06/2023 @ 7:22am
John Eagle it's truly the definition of a support character, but he can also be the main character of a story if he needs to be. I'll be half of the command team we are very happy to give him his award which he truly deserves.
Fleet Captain Carol Hogan
02/01/2023 @ 11:50am
Carol's character has been the backbone of posts, her role as been more supportive for the month of January 2023. Her character is the main starting point for all characters entering the fleet yards.
Rear Admiral Sarah Martinez (Sanchez)
03/04/2021 @ 10:12am
Reason 1: Sarah's character did a great job supporting two major JP's this past month. The meeting with Loval, and the meeting with the diplomatic council.

Reason 2: I like how Sarah is pushing the political story makes a good support for the diplomat council. Also reminds me a little of Babylon 5 and I like that.
Lieutenant Zayne Solwick (Frontera)
02/06/2020 @ 4:08am
Zayne Frontera has done a tremendous job in a supporting role over the past month. Helping with the investigations of rape and attempted rape. Zayne character embodies an ideal support character in our sim.
Lieutenant JG Elani
01/03/2020 @ 8:10am
For October
Rear Admiral Hadir Prenar
01/03/2020 @ 8:10am
For November