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Fleet Captain Carol Hogan

Name Carol Anne Hogan

Position Port Royale CO

Rank Fleet Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3 Feet
Weight 130 Pounds
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Carol is a petite woman, who takes pride in her appearance. She can often be scene in the gym after hours.


Spouse Dating: Ian Mansell
Children Anastasia Marie Hogan, 10 years old
Father Francisco Hogan
Mother Julie Hogan
Brother(s) Eric Hogan
Paul Hogan
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Claire Erickson
Isabella Erickson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Carol is a very reserved type of officer, and she does not allow to many people to get to close to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Carol is a strong and independant woman.

Carol has a hard time letting people into her personal life.
Ambitions To become a Starship Captain
Hobbies & Interests Carol loves arts and crafts. She loves to work out in the gym, and play activities with her daughter. Since Carol likes to keep to herself, she learned a long time ago to find several hobbies and interests to keep her and her daughter entertained.

Personal History

Early Days:

Carol was born on May 5, 2370. She was raised by her mother and father along with two older brothers. They lived in a small town outside of Juno Alaska.

Carol's parents wanted a quiet life for the family. Both of her parents had served in starfleet, after the Dominion War, they opted to leave Starfleet. She was four years old when her parents left Starfleet.

Carol's parents did not want their family to be around the politics of Starfleet. Part of her quite and reserve nature comes from the fact that she was the youngest of three children. Her brothers were always the show boaters of the family.

Carol did not make a lot of friends, most of the time she was focusing on getting good grades, and seeing the bigger picture.

Carol was more interested in seeing how everything fit in. She found school to be very confusing. The social dynamics did not really seem to play into her social life outside of school.

High School Years:

Carol became a freshman in 2383. She knew her family did not agree with he decision, but she was strongly considering joining Starfleet. Her parents told her, there was no reason for her to join. Andriods now could now replace her and do her job. They tried to convince her that she needed to focus on careers around Earth.

Carol's parents dissaproval had the opposite effect. The more they tried to talk her out of it, the more she wanted to enlisted.

by 2385 the Synthetic life forms, her parents so called saviours to the Federation and the prevention of further human losses, turned on the Federation and openly attacked the Mars orbital facility.

This only strengthened Carol's belief that machines could not be trusted to do her job or anyone elses job. She knew she needed to sign up and join Starfleet.

Francisco her father, could not really argue with her logic. He had been wrong, and he knew that. He feared she would be getting into a war front with the Androids, but thankfully Starfleet was able to deactivate them and prevent them from causing any further harm.

Carol did not really date, she spent most nights studying and keeping up with the Federation News Network. At first she was onboard with the Federation taking more of a defensive posturing. There was corruption in Starfleet. Someone had programmed the Andriods to turn on the Federation. And they were not really sure who it was, or why. Commodore Oh, who was the head of starfleet security was investigating the situation.

Starfleet Academy (2388-2392)

In the summer of 2388, Carol joined Starfleet. She signed up to become a pilot. Since her parents were both officers previously, her application to become a starfleet officer was approved. And she was enrolled into Flight Operations. During her freshman year at the Academy, she met and started to date Marcus Eddington.

The two had a romantic whirlwhind romance. The two of them were inseperable. Carol was surprised how fast she had fallen for him. But he did not distract her from becoming a pilot. He did the opposite, he seenmed to give her pupose. He became her support center, especially after her parents denounced her decision to join starfleet.

They believed she was making a mistake, and war could break out at any moment. She was young and niave, and though her parents were suffering from PTSD. Which they were, but she could have handled how she interacted with them a bit differently.

By 2389 her father had come around. Mainly due to the fact, that the universe seemed to be stablizing. It was two years since the loss of the romulan star empire's sun went supernova. And he Synth Attack, was a distant memory by this stage. Everything in the universe seemed stable. Uknown to him was the fact that Starfleet had closed its boarders, and was making sure that FNS was only broadcasting information about worlds inside the boarders of the Federation.

Carol continued to advance during the academy. With the loss of Mars Orbital Facility, most of her piloting was coming from Axanar. They had an orbital facility there as well. She she found it challenging to spend time with Marcus, when she went to Axanar. This made her really cherish the moments they spent together. And strengthen her belief, they needed to be assigned to together, when they got to the fleet. Long distance relationships sucked.

By 2390 Carol Started her Junior years at the Academy. The New Mars Oribital Facility was ready to go. Which was a relief for Carol. She could spend more time with Marcus.

Carol was ready to settle down, but she knew they were still young, and needed to focus on getting through the Academy first. Plus she was not sure if Marcus was ready, unknown to her at the time, he was ready. But like her, they needed to complete the academy. Before they consider marriage.

in 2391 Carol started her senior year at the Academy. She practically aced all of her exams, and graduated in the top 10 of her class. Carol passed over two opportunities to make sure that her and Marcus were going to be assigned together.

Her parents did not like that decision. They told her, that if she was going to be a starfleet officer, they should go where Starfleet tells her to go. She was young and niave, and wanted to be with Marcus. Her parents wondered, if she had lost her way, and was now just following the first man she ever fell in love with, like a fool.

They liked Marcus, and he had been over to their house several times, but they questioned their daughters motives. They could see that she was refocused, but it did not seem like it was on Starfleet.

They wondered if she had lost her passion for Starfleet. Fransico tried to warn her, following her boyfriend into Starfleet was never going to be enough.

She told him, she was not doing this for him, he was just a wonder perk to being in Starfleet. Fransico knew she was not listening. But there was nothing he could say or do at this moment to change her mind.

USS Augusta (2392-2396)

In the Summer of 2392, Carol had completed the Academy. She was now getting assigned to the USS Augusta and aging Kelvin Class Starship. This ship allowed Carol and Marcus to start a life together.

In the Summer of 2393, Carol and Marcus had a small wedding back on Earth. Which her parents and brothers all attended. And his family attended as well. Everything in the world seemed perfect.

In 2394 Carol and Marcus Hogan were expecting their first child together. Carol took a transfer to the USS Augusta with her husband. He was offered Chief of Security on the Augusta. She was offered Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer. A position that allowed her to focus on her pregnancy. She wanted to be a department head, but at the moment she needed to focus on carrying her pregnancy through.

In 2395 Carol once loved a man, and he died in a tragic accident. He did when carol was nine months into her pregnancy. This event tragically changed her perpsective on love. She went into premature labor, which nearly caused her life and the life of her baby.

Carol struggled to recoup from the near death experience. Part of her wished she had passed, her husband was dead, and her child was struggling to survive. Carol never truely recovered from this incident.

Starfleet tried to suggest to Carol to seek counseling. Instead she decided to burry her problems. She had a little girl to raise, and not have time to deal with it. Seeing that they both had made it, Carol focused all of her attention on Anastasia.

Carol focused hard on being a young mother and a helmsman for the USS Augusta. She spent the next two years, listening to the crew remind her of the past. Everyone wanted her to seek help, they could not see the fact that she was doing fine.

In 2396, Carol had enough of the crew of the USS Augusta. She felt that she had burned her bridges with them. She did not appreciate the crew pressuring her seek treatment. They would not relent that she needed to address her feelings. She transfered from the USS Augusta to the USS Drakensberg.

USS Drakensberg (2396-2398)

In 2396 Anastasia struggled with the transition from the USS Augusta to the USS Drakensberg. The young toddler, did not like the smaller quarters and the daycare facilities they had on the ship. This caused Carol to stress a little bit about if she had made a mistake. She was young and tired to realize, that Anastasia only needed to acclimate to her surroundings.

Carol was offered a department head role. She was the new Chief Control Flight Officer for the USS Drakensberg. The crew was very supportive of her, and did not try to force her into therapy once she transferred over. Most of them did not her late husband. They knew that had transferred. She used the excuse it was to hard being on the ship where her husband was killed.

Carol spent the next two years working on her career and raising her toddler. The two seemed to be a balancing act. Carol realized that after two years she would need to seek therapy, if she truly wanted to find balance and peace in her life.

USS Calgary (2398-2403)

In 2398 Carol was offered a promotion to Second Officer and Chief Control Flight Officer of the USS Calgary. She knew she could not pass up the opportunity. She knew that Anatasia was just settling into life aboard the USS Drakensberg. Carol slowly broke the news to her toddler. She seemed to be on board with the move, and excited to see her new room. Her relationship with Anatasia was improving, mainly thanks to the therapy she had been receiving.

Carol and Anatasia started to make a life for themselves as second officer, a role that she moved into pretty quickly and with very little transition. She learned, that she had a love for command.

In 2401 Carol was offered the role of Executive Officer. For the next two years she excelled in her role. By 2403 she was accepted to Starfleet Academy's Command Program.

Command Academy (2403-2404)

In the summer of 2403 Carol was accepted into the command academy. She was hoping to be assigned command of a starship, she was a little dissapointed when she was offered command of Port Royale, the main starbase for Valhalla Fleet Yards.

Carol was not alone. Her cousin Claire Erickson was also attending the Academy. Carol asked her to join her on Port Royale, to help matters Carol also arranged for Adam Bishop the father of her neice to be assigned to the fleet yards as well.

Port Royale (2405-Present)

In January of 2405, Carol assumed the role of Commanding Officer of Port Royale, and of Valhalla Fleet Yards. She knew it was a big task. She was not sure if she was really up to the task. She was only 35 years old, and raising a ten year old. Did that really make her qualified she wondered.

Service Record 2405 - Present
Commanding Officer
Port Royale

2403 - 2404
Command Academy
Starfleet Academy

2401 - 2403
Executive Officer
USS Calgary

2398 - 2400
Second Officer
Chief Control Flight Officer
USS Calgary

2396 - 2398
Chief Control Flight Officer
USS Drakensberg

2394 - 2396
Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer
USS Augusta

2392 - 2396
Flight Operations
Starfleet Academy