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Amelia Vieers

Name Amelia Vieers

Position Ambassador

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Drax
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 6”
Weight 9st
Hair Color Darkest Brown/Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Amelia is an attractive woman. She bears the scars of several months of mistreatment which she tries to keep hidden to avoid awkward questions although she now has the most striking blue eyes.


Spouse None
Children Leah Vieers - daughter

Father Jonas Vieers
Mother Andrea Vieers
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various family members on both sides of the family line.
Sinek (husband - Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amelia is a friendly yet sometimes quiet and reserved. She spent several months at the hands of Orion pirates and is still recovering psychologically from her ordeal. She has a teenage daughter Leah whom she has raised single handedly.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Telepathic and Empathic (enhanced)
- Mildly telekinetic
- A loving mother

Weaknesses - Her abilities can be exploited as they have been in the past during her time with her
Orion captors.
Ambitions To get on with her life and put her bad times behind her. She would love a man in her life who would take care of her and Leah. She just wants to be the best mother she can be fo her daughter.
Hobbies & Interests Amelia likes to read (real books not padds), watch earth movies, learn about other cultures and generally get involved wherever she can when it comes to learning about new cultures. She collects souvenirs from places she travels to. She loves animals and children.

Personal History Amelia was born on Drax Prime in 2357, she is one of few Drax outside the system but not the only Drax in starfleet although she is the only one to hold an official Ambassador title not that she tends to use it very often except in the company of other races at official Ambassadorial events.

As every child in the Drax system does Amelia trained to use her abilities, careers on Drax tend to range according to skill as well as choice. Amelia chose to join the diplomatic corps and her future career stemmed from there.

It was during a Diplomatic conference that Amelia met and fell in love with a fellow colleague they spent a year together before discovering that Amelia was pregnant. Unfortunately her lover was killed leaving Amelia to have her child alone. Her daughter Leah was born in 2379 and it was then that she decided to take a year off to get to know her newborn daughter.

Rejoining her career a year later all ran smoothly until 2390 when a diplomatic ship Amelia was aboard was attacked, she and another female colleague were abducted by Orion pirates and neither of them were found for several months. During this time, Amelia had been subjected to horrors and trauma, most of which she has suppressed to protect herself. The genetic manipulation she was subjected to resulted in her abilities being enhanced. She somehow managed to escape her captors and was rescued and taken to Federation space.

A medical examination revealed that her telepathy had actually been enhanced, she also demonstrated the ability to move objects with her mind but only under extreme circumstances and the ability was severely limited.

Reunited with Leah she took two years to recover enough from her ordeal to return to her position as Ambassador. After three further years she decided to accept a change from Starship to Starbase and join Starbase Port Royale.

Amelia bonded and married Sinek, becoming Amelia, Ko-telsu (wife) of Sinek, but his disappearance and subsequent evidence of his death has left her alone once more.

Service Record 2395 - Transferred to Starbase Port Royale