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Producer Award

Awarded at the end of mission, the crew is allowed to nominate any member of the crew that helped participate in the previous mission. The recipient must have shown during the previous mission, helping to create the story arc for the mission; the idea behind this award that the person receiving this award was acting like a producer. This award can be given out to any member of the crew who has helped produce this episode behind the scenes, and development of the canon.

Category: In character
Awarded: 1 time

Amelia Vieers
09/10/2019 @ 6:01am
Janet had a wondeful idea with her character of Amelia Viers, to create an interesting back story concept. She created a subplot around her character, that has carried forward to at least three missions so far, but started out on mission 1.

The subplot features Amelia, being stricken by a medical condition, and Sinek helps her overcome it. In the process they get married, and are continuing to deal with the outcome from the medical condition.

Janet is a great writer, and has a lot of creative ideas in her mind, that we need to access more of. I can not wait, to see how this all plays out, through her tenure on the sim.