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Commander Anthony Wilkerson

Name Anthony Cole Wilkerson

Position USS Unification CO

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7 Feet
Weight 165 Pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Anthony is in good shape, but not a bodybuilder. However he prefers to use his free time to hit the simulation room or the bar. Has a cobra style tattoo wrapped about the marine corps symbol to show his dedication to the corps and to his duty to Starfleet.


Spouse Dating Michelle Rivers
Children N/A
Father Colonel Victor Cole Wilkerson, 15th MARSOC CO
Mother Amarie Lee Johnson-Wilkerson
Brother(s) Lieutenant Marshall Cole Wilkerson, USS Fandango
Sister(s) Lauren Lee Wilkerson
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview He believes in work hard and play hard mentality. Anthony who prefers to go by Tony, is very dedicated to his job. His work hard and play hard mentality, makes him a hit or miss type personality for a lot of personal. During working hours, he has a real get the job done no matter the cost type mentality, but after hours, he can seen at the bar hitting up on the ladies!
Strengths & Weaknesses Anthony has a driven to success model for his life. He really believes that playing hard and working hard, which allows him to achieve any goal he sets for himself. Anthony is very focused on his career driven.

Always looking for the next promotion. He believe he can services are endless, and he needs to be utilized more. He has the ability to multi-task and strategize battle plans.

Anthony is very confident in his abilities, almost to the point of being arrogant. His cocky attitude also feeds his ego and his player like mentality. He is young officer, that has a lot to learn.

His own attitude can get in the way of him taking criticism. He believes there are really no equals in his line of work. He did not achieve his goals based on the help of other marines.

Anthony feels he is the best infantry man and marksman. He often feels that he is not challenging himself enough, so in his spare time, he started to take flight simulations and has completed basic flight school to be a fighter pilot.

His primary passion is still being a leader to the men and women who serve under him. The Marines have allowed Anthony to hone his skills, and increase his ego, but only because he is good at hiding it, with his charm.

Ambitions Anthony wants others to see him, the way he sees himself, a natural born winner. His attitude is only matched by his ability to backup technical skills in the combat field.
Hobbies & Interests Anthony loves to socialize after hours with the crew in the lounge,he has a party lifestyle mentality that suits him well with the ship crew. He uses his charm to keep people blinded to the fact, he has a complexity issues.

When is at the lounge he loves to dance with the ladies, and hit up on girls at the bar. Beyond socializing in the lounge, he enjoys spending time in the simulation room, and keeping his skills fined tune. He has the drive to be the best.

Anthony is interested in camping, rock climbing, exploring, white water rafting, snorkeling and backpacking.

Personal History Anthony Cole Wilkerson was born to Victor and Amarie Wilkerson on June 15, 2365. He was the second child out of three. He was born on Andor Prime, when his mother was an ambassador for Starfleet.

Anthony was born on Andor Prime but does not consider himself an Andorian. He was born in the Federation Embassy, and his parents are from Earth. He considers himself, human and calls Earth home. Despite spending very little time on Earth.

Anthony has a older brother and a younger sister. Being the middle child, he always felt the need to prove himself, he began to develop a competitive spirit. His early childhood was competitions to prove he was better, stronger and smarter than his brother. Once he had a taste for competition. His brother was not satisfying his need to prove he was better than everyone else.

Anthony competed in sports and academics. He had to prove to himself and to the entire school that he was the best. His parents tried to discourage this behavior. He learned how to hide his ego, but learning how to be overly friendly and flirtatious.

General overview from grade school through the Academy.

Anthony started grade school in the fall of the 2371 and graduated high school in 2383. He was accepted to Starfleet Marine Corps Academy in 2383, and completed the academy in 2387. After four short years, Anthony has worked his way up a Marine Commanding Officer of the USS Explorer.

As a first year cadet, Anthony signed up for every advanced class he could. His professors were a little concerned, he was trying to hard to prove himself. Despite their concerns, he excelled in his studies and pushed himself to the limits.

By his second year into the academy, Anthony kept asking for more challenges, his instructors and professors kept offering him more challenges, but he started become frustrated. He started to go to the 602 club to blow off steam, and learned what he calls balance. His whole work hard and play hard mentality.

By his third year at the academy he completed his academy academics, and was well ahead of his fellow cadets in his academics. However his professors thought he could benefit from a tour in deep space. He was placed on a ten month rotation of duty tour. And Assigned to work at Luna Station as a basic rifleman. Anthony felt the tasks were to easy and hated his time on the Luna Colony. He could not work on advancing his career, while he was still enrolled in the academy.

By his fourth and final year at the academy, he was placed back into academic studies and focused on completed his academy courses. His instructors and professors were impressed that he did not miss a beat. He started to push himself hard. He graduated fourth in his class, a decision that did not sit over to well with him. The reason he was told for being fourth in his glass, his temporary assignment at Luna was deemed uneventful and they did not feel that he learn enough while assigned.

Earning his commission and beginning his career.

He agreed but did not feel that he should be punished because Starfleet sent him to a dead end job. His instructors and professors disagreed, saying that he needed to take every assignment no matter how remedial and make the best of it.

Anthony completed the academy and was granted the commission rank of Second Lieutenant in Starfleet Marine Corps. He was proud of his commission and told himself that he would someday become a starfleet general with the marine corps.

Anthony was assigned to the USS Arlington as a Platoon Commander in 2389. He worked his way up the ranks to Marine Commanding Officer of the USS Arlington.

Service Record 2399 - Present
* Commanding Officer, USS Unification

2398 - 2399
* Executive Officer, USS Nightshade

2397 - 2398
* Command Academy, Starfleet Academy

2395 - 2397
•Starbase Port Royale, 714th Marine Division Commanding Officer

2387 - 2395
•USS Arlington, Marine Commanding Officer (2393 - 2395)
•Promoted to Major in 2395
•USS Arlington, Marine Executive Officer. (2391 - 2393)
•Promoted to Captain in 2391
•USS Arlington, Platoon Commander (2389 - 2391)
•Promoted to First Lieutenant in 2389
•USS Arlington, Marine Team Leader (2387 - 2389)
2386 - 2387
•Earns his second lieutenant commission.
•Fourth year academy student: Combat Infantry Tactics and Leadership Studies.

2385 - 2386
•Third year academy student: Combat Infantry Tactics and Leadership Studies.
•Temporarily assigned to Luna Colony as a rifleman.

2384 - 2385
•Second year academy student: Combat Infantry Tactics and Leadership Studies.

2383 - 2384
•Graduates High School and joins Starfleet Marine Corps
•First year academy student: Combat Infantry Tactics and Leadership Studies.