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Major Rick Holt

Name Rick Holt

Position R&D Director

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft3in
Weight 180
Hair Color brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description A semi tall and lanky guy Rick stands out in a crowd a little bit. He's the semi tall guy in the fatigues with the "high and tight" and thin beard. You can't miss him


Personality & Traits

General Overview On duty Rick is as squared away as it comes. Goes with being a scientist as well as a marine.

However he believes in the old addage "All work and no play...'

So off duty, he turns on the personality, and let's loose with his own version of funny. Nothing too big, just to get a laugh
Strengths & Weaknesses Rick's strengths are in his work ethic. Once he starts a project he doesn't like to give up, you have to make him. And even sometimes that doesn't work

Also the values the corps had taught him he imbides

Something that could be either way is his sense of humor. In his off time he loves to crack the odd joke, to keep from boredom
But he has been known to go too far at times
Ambitions Be the best "Rick"
Hobbies & Interests Jokes
The odd holodeck program

Personal History The man known as "Joker" to his friends was born on the Galaxy class USS Bisnarki In Mid june, and naturally he grew up there as a "fleet brat"

He was a kid with somewhat of a rebellious streak, unbefitting an officers kid such as he was

He'd sneak into the bridge and put a tribble in the COs chair. Kid stuff like that. He had a lot of time on his hands after all, so it was like a free for all. Alas all good things must come to an end and he was caught. By the ships CO no less.

Lucky for young Rick the CO had somewhat of a sense of humor. He could've thrown the teen in the Brig. He opted to teach him a lesson

So the Captain pulled a string and got Rick to a place equipped to instill lessons. Starfleet Academy

At first he hated it, discipline really wasn't his thing, so he fell on the old standby. Joking around. This time he had friends. Turns out that's all he really needed. They kind of helped him in the right direction. His life changed.

Rick now had a focus. He chose a Marine Track, with biology. Making As and Bs in his studies

From there he was sent to Andoria where he served at the marine base there. There he discovered that you couldn't really cure the jokester side of him.
It was the day before he was to be reassigned.
Rick, a lowly first Lieutenant stuck an "I love Tellarites" sign on his Andorian Majors uniform just a few hours before he shipped out

From there he was sent to the Excelsior class USS Stryker for a quick survey misson before being sent to the Rico as a Marine science officer. The Ricos CO was no nonsense, so Rick towed the line. Under these conditions the young practical joker flourished sharpening both his scientific and combat skills.
Service Record Starfleet Academy,
Marine Cadet
Minor in biology

SFMC Base, Andoria

USS Stryker

USS Rico