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Commander Claire Erickson

Name Claire Elizabeth Erickson

Position Port Royale XO

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5’6
Weight 140
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Claire has shoulder length hair and is well fit


Spouse Dating: Adam Bishop
Children Isabella Erickson, 7 years old
Father Randall
Mother Margaret
Brother(s) Thomas, Jacob, Michael, David
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Claire is serious minded about her job. She likes to get to know those who work underneath her and feels that makes her better about her job.
Strengths & Weaknesses Claire is hardworking and dedicated. She doesn’t expect anything from the crew that she won’t do herself.

She can be stubborn at times and outspoken when she feels she is right.
Ambitions Admiral one day
Hobbies & Interests Spending time with her daughter. Reading. Bowling racquetball, tennis, working out.

Personal History Claire was born the youngest of five, being the only girl in her family. Her parents were farmers and she grew up right along side her brothers helping with the farm.

Claire learned how to fix equipment and use the computers rather quickly. She loved school and learning and was only eight years old when she decided she wanted to join Starfleet and either be an engineer or operations officer. Her parents called it her daydreams but Claire was determined to leave the farm and go to the academy.

Growing up she had many friends but was close to Adam Bishop. They grew up together and started dating in high school. They both had dreams of joining Starfleet and spent a lot of time discussing it. Claire and Adam were best friends and lovers, barely were they apart.

After graduation, Claire headed to the academy at the same time as Adam. They became study partners and supported each other during their time at the academy. Claire and Adam dated off and on, eventually having a fling. They later found out she was pregnant and she gave birth to Isabella before they graduated.

Claire was assigned to and worked hard on the USS Pentwater and was grateful for the support of her command staff as well as their daycare. It wasn’t easy being a single parent as Adam and her were stationed far away from each other and no longer in a relationship. She felt bad that he only had rare visits with their daughter.

After two years, Claire accepted a transfer to the USS Shelby as well as a promotion to assistant engineering chief. She had previously had her rank increased to lieutenant JG. Claire found herself at home on the ship, working under a chief who coached and encouraged her to work towards becoming a department head. Claire listened and worked hard to show she was more than capable and it soon paid off when she was awarded the chief engineer on the USS Pioneer.

After two years as the engineering chief, Claire left to attend the first officer academy and upon completion was assigned to Port Royale as the first officer where she currently serves.