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Captain Byron Coleman

Name Byron Eric Coleman

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0 Feet
Weight 200 Pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Bryon Stands at six feet tall, being the chief of security he takes great pride in his appearance. He loves to work out in the gym, and keep his body in reasonable shape. He works out for toning not for muscle building. He has average body build with little body fat and no scars or tattoos.


Spouse Elsie Coleman (Barnett)
Children Amber Raye Coleman, 7
Mila Rose Coleman, 5
Father Hector Coleman
Mother Julia Colema
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Lt.JG Sarah Coleman-Johnson, (Needs updating 10 years old)
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bryon is very quiet person and due to his position as security officer, he is very observant and often observes what’s going on around him. He believes he is destined for more, but feels that the something is missing. Byron is not a very by the book officer, he likes to operate more freely, being to by the book he noticed, sometimes allows criminals to learn the rules, and he keeps changing things up.
Strengths & Weaknesses When his little sister getting married, made him realize that he was lonely. Byron spends a lot of his free time, in the holodeck, working on how to talk to ladies, and break away from his shyness. Which is awkward for him. He can talk to ladies, if it's in the line of duty, but fails on personal levels. He typically rambles on to much.
Ambitions Personal: To know what love is. It sounds simple, but Byron, he know how to love family, but after the disaster with Ezra Dova, he decided to give love a break.
Hobbies & Interests Hollow deck: Byron likes to spend a lot of his free time on the holodeck, working on his personal inter relational skills. He finds it hard to bring up small talk. Part of him does not know what to say. He often fumbles through first encounters.

Gym: Working in the gym, mainly likes to tone his body, he tends to keep to himself and participates in the cardio workouts. Even though he is in a sea of people, he feels alone and tends to work out alone. Minding his own business, and completes his workout cycles. He enjoys running on the treadmill and the occasional racquetball game.

Musical shows: Byron loves attending musical performances on a ship. Most of the time,he attends the show, he hates sitting with people not cause he wants to avoid them for social interaction. Most of the time they chatter way to much.

Bryon is interested in a lot of sports, liked water sports and racquetball. His favorite sport is rafting. He has been known to go rafting on the holodeck, but he prefers the real thing. Beyond water sports, he is also interested in the following;

Interests: Dancing, camping, hiking, swimming, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, and board games from the 21st century.

Personal History Bryon was born in 2358 to Hector and Julia Coleman on Earth Spacedock, both of his parents are stationed on the orbital station, that surrounds Earth. He spent his early years on the station, up til the start of the Dominion War, where his mother asked for reassignment to Earth.

They moved in 2370 to Portland, Maine. Where his mother family was from. At the age of 12, he moved away from the only home he knew, and was very resistant to the move. Despite his father being home nightly, he hated being Earthbound, he stated he loved being in the stars. He knew at the age of 12, he wanted to be in starfleet and out in deep space.

By 2374, after fours years, Bryon family moved back onto Earth Spacedock, and he was happy. But this was short lived. Just two years later, he joined starfleet academy, after graduating high school.

2376-2380, He joined Starfleet Academy and completed the flight operations training course. By 2380 he was promoted to Ensign. He learned a lot during his academy days, early in 2376, during his first year, he got a slap on the risk for hitting on a girl while intoxicated, he was given office hours and ordered not talk to Cadet Ezra Dova, an andorian security trainee cadet for the remainder of the year. The misunderstanding made him very cautious about talking to girls, he decided to study human interactions.

2380 - 2384, Byron was assigned to the USS Chima, it took him two years to earn his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, his commanding officer Hilt Droxan, wanted to make sure that Byron was not a risk to the crew, and often held him back, and placed him on brig duty, or away from other crew.

Byron tried his best not to let to the hold back, hold him down. He learned from his past mistake and honed in on his skills within the security field. Eventually Hilt trusted him and started to appoint him to more noticable assigned and promoted him in 2382.

2384 - 2388 at the request of his commanding officer, Bryon left the USS Chima and joined the USS Midway as Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer. He spent the next four years shadowing Ezra Dova, the woman he once flirted with while intoxicated.

The two of them were able to work together, and she placed him on the promotion list for department head by 2386, but he refused to leave his post. He stated he wanted to serve on a sovereign class or a luna class.

By 2388 his commanding officer and his good friend Ezra Dova got him an opportunity aboard the USS Sirona, a luna class starship. He was given his wish assignment. Ezra told him, he could have been a commander, if he did not hold himself back, she wished him luck, and told him to think about command someday. He said he would consider it.

Service Record 2376-2380 ~ Starfleet Academy
↳ 2372-2374, Memorial Center Training Corps
↳ 2374-2376, Mars Orbital Training Facility

2380-2384 ~ USS Chima (New Orleans Class)
↳ Control Flight Officer
↳ Support Craft Pilot & Mechanic

2384-2388 ~ USS Midway (Sovereign Class)
↳ Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer
↳ Support Specialist Engineer

2388-2399 ~ USS Sirona (Luna Class)
↳ 2388-2389, Chief Control Flight Officer
↳ 2388-2389, Support Specialist Engineer
↳ 2389-2399, Second Officer

↳ USS Hornet, Commanding Officer
↳ Starbase 714, Second Officer