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Captain Veronica Davenport (Johnson)

Name Veronica Lynn Davenport (Johnson)

Position USS Nostromo CO

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Veronica is a little above average in height, but not tall. She is physically fit, and loves to work out in the gym. She has no tattoos or scars.


Spouse Karl Davenport
Children Julie Davenport, 6 years old
Father William Johnson
Mother Jennifer Johnson
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Veronica is a very laid back type of personality. She is free spirited and very naive. She is generally excited to be a starfleet officer. She was very excited to be assigned to the USS Ark Royal.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Veronica is a very loyal and trustworthy person. If she makes a promise, or joins a group, then she will honor that group she is with.

She is very dependable and devoted to her duties and to friendships, that she makes.

Veronica is very kind and a compassionate soul. She loves to assist others, and has a genuine heart.


Veronica is unsure of her skills, and her training. She is constantly second guessing herself. She is very young and a little naive about her abilities as a department head. But she is learning.

Veronica can be lazy at times. Beyond being lazy, she has an odd personality. She likes to think outside of the box.

Veronica can be a little materialistic. She loves to collect things.
Hobbies & Interests Veronica loves to shop, she loves to visit station promenades, or planetary shopping establishments. She loves to collect small trinkets.

She loves to go walks, and small hikes. However she is not fond of long hikes or camping. She prefer to spend her time shopping and collecting things.

Personal History Veronica was raised on Earth, in a city called Forest Grove, in the state of Oregon. She is the only daughter of William and Jennifer Johnson. She was born on 09/01/2365. She lived in Oregon till she graduated high school.

Veronica enjoyed the small town living, she practically knew everyone in her community. She was a little naive but a social butterfly. She was eager and friendly. She graduated high school feeling top of the world.

From a young age, Veronica had a passion to become a Stellar Cartographer. She loved to see look up at the stars, and wondered what was out there. It was the big reason she joined Starfleet. She was excited when her application to become a Starfleet Officer was approved. She would have joined as an enlisted crewman, but relieved she could be an officer.

Academy Days:

Veronica realized that she had a lot to learn about the world. She felt her world crumbling down on her. She felt small not the social butterfly that she was back in her hometown. Even though she was overwhelmed at first.

Veronica quickly adapted and made friends at the Academy. She enrolled into “Stellar Cartography,” and completed the course after four years. During the academy, she focused hard on graduating. She graduated 17th in her class.

Starfleet Career:

Veronica loved living in her small community. When she first joined starfleet, she felt overwhelmed. When she was assigned to the USS Midway, she felt more out at home. The USS Midway had a smaller crew, instead of dealing with thousands of cadets, there was only 400 crew members on the USS Midway.

Veronica started as back Stellar Cartographer. She spent more time in the science lab in 2386, it was not till the fall of 2387, she got beta shift in the Stellar Cartography Room. She excelled her in position, and by 2388 she was offered and accepted Assistant Chief Science Officer. She felt overwhelmed immediately.

She was a Stellar Cartographer, now she needed to learn about other positions on the USS Midway, she needed to learn enough to help manage their department on the Midway. After a slow start, she started to pick up on the skills.

By 2389, her CO recommended her promotion, and practically pushed her to accept the Chief Science Officer position on the USS Ark Royal.

USS Nautilus

By 2399, Veronica accepted command of the USS Nautilus a small science vessel assigned to Valhalla Fleet Yards. She took the assignment, so she could raise her daughter in a stable environment. Her Husband Karl Davenport took command of Starbase 714 - "Port Royale."

Veronica still loves Starfleet, but she felt a deep space assignment did not seem right to her, and she just completed a ten year assignment as Captain Haas first officer.
Service Record 2399 - Present
USS Nautilus - Commanding Officer
Port Royale - Science Officer

2389 - 2399
USS Ark Royal, Chief Science Officer - First Officer

2386 - 2389
2388 - USS Midway, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2386 - USS Midway, Stellar Cartographer Specialist

2382 - 2386
Starfleet Academy, Stellar Cartographer Department