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Lieutenant Commander Justie Womack

Name Justie Shaw Womack

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 150
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Shaw has a average build.


Father Weston Womack
Mother Shelly Womack
Sister(s) unknown but has heard of them

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shaw is a inventor first and foremost even on duty if someone has ideas he will help them to see it come true if it's possible. He hates the book that Star Fleet made but follows it when he thinks it's necessary. He is a stern person when it comes to engineering and his intellect makes him snub at questions that engineers should already know.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Genius
- Know It All
- Doesn't always follow the book of Star Fleet
+ Inventor
Ambitions Having his ambitious inventions in Star Fleet and in the Fleet Yards. Working on Commanding his own fleet of ships within the Yards.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies : Building new technologies, Improving current technologies and computers in general.

Interest : Having his inventions work

Personal History Justie was born to Shelly and Maverick Womack on Alpha Centauri in 2367. Growing up his friends called him Justie, everyone else called him Shaw. Justie was raised on Alpha Centauri from 2367 and he never moved. His parents were also attached to the USS Florence, which was attached to Starfleet’s Research Colony on Alpha Centauri.

Justie could remember from a young age, of his parents tagging him along from one engineering lab to the next, with the occasional trip to main engineering on the USS Florence and the colony research station. He learned at a young age, he had a love for engineering.

At the age of 7, Justie was given a toy model rocket, like Captain Archer played with back in 22nd Century. He loved the toy rocket, and started to tinker with it. Learning all aspects of the design. From this, he started to study the warp model 5 engine. He started to work on ways of improving its design.

By the age of 9 he built the “NX-MAE Prototype Engine”, which was an improved matter/anti-matter warp 5 engine. He presented it during his school’s science fair. His parents were so proud, and submitted his prototype to Starfleet. They were impressed with his design, and passed it along. Justie was featured on the Federation News Network for his prototype Engine.

From the age of 11 Justie started to study the history of the USS Voyager, and learned about Starfleet’s mission to improve long range communications from the Delta Quadrant, to the Alpha Quadrant. He began to take interest in Starfleet’s Midas Array, he convinced his parents, to take him on a field trip to the Midas Array. He learned that the Hirogen would not allow the Federation to use the ancient communications array, they had claimed as their own.

He learned through information release act, during the Dominion War, the Federation managed to take out a communication array, the Dominion Built. It was later destroyed by the USS Defiant. He gathered as much information as he could, about this super dominion communications relay.

Justie spent the next five years working on the deep space communications array issue. He wished he had the technical schematics of the Dominion Array. Most of it, he had to create from the ground up. He was a little obsessed, and started to recluse in on himself, spending a lot of his free time, creating and solving complicated equations.

At the age of 16, he finally figured out a way to enhance the deflector range by drawing power from local star cluster, to a theoretical array. His finds were submitted, and the Daystrom Institute assisted in creating the Womack Power Converter Modulator. Which allowed Starfleet to draw power safely from a Star Cluster grouping. The idea he had was to pull power from pulsars, and neutron stars and using their electromagnetic fields to power his modulator.


At age 18 he got into Star Fleet Academy with the Delayed Entry Program due to his Womack Power Converter that Star Fleet still uses to this day. Since he got in he went to work not only at the academy but helping out other engineers and instructors. He surprised one instructor with his knowledge of the Warp 5 engine. He should how the engine can be improved and he has been working on it since age 9.
During the Star Fleet Academy he also went into command and engineer classes during his time. When asked where he grew up at and told everyone no one knew of it and a Admiral from Star Fleet gave him another colony to say. The command classes was harder then he thought but he pushed and studied every day and his engineering classes was almost to easy, he even started teaching some instructors some theories. His command classes was a challenge in that he had to overcome his anxiety due to being a introvert and needed to get out of his shell for those classes since he didn’t mind talking to instructors about engineering and his grades. That soon changed however when Dr. Elisa Grant said “ Justie, I need to see you after class.” The class was Kobayashi Maru simulation. “Yes Sir.” Elisa went straight into what she saw he need improving this semester to get a passing grade and pass her simulator. “ First, why didn’t you fully talk to your crew.” she said “ I was just nervous about messing up sir.” he said. After the talk he got more confindence in himself and got a passing grade. Everyone in the crew he was commanding told him “ You need a Captain’s chair not a engineering one.” He laughed at that. After he graduated the Academy he got into contact with his home colony and told them he graduated with command and engineering classes.

His first assignment was reassignment back to his home colony and on USS Florence. The Admiral that told him to be quiet where his origin also told him they are going to make the USS Florence Galaxy class refit dreadnought a full warship and modernized against Borg and other threats. As ensign aboard a top secret project and working to make the Galaxy class refit dreadnought as overpowered as possible and have the fortitude to stand up toe to toe with the Borg, his intelligence was put to use.

He spent 4 years on his home colony and USS Florence. During those years he spent making a new Matter/Anti Matter assemblies, new engines, using Borg technology for new weapons, armor and his famous Womack Matter/Antimatter Injectors so big and efficiency at 96%. Helping mostly remaking USS Florence under the Admiral’s direction. He asked the Admiral is he Section 31 and is he part of it. The Admiral’s answer surprised him a lot and he was recruited in Section 31 due to his collective thinking and curiousness.

After his reassignment to the Star Fleet Corps of Engineers with Section 31 and his new skills like hacking, knowing how to talk to captains like his rank and his favorite his new command skills that has shown up multiple times during his stay at Section 31. The thing he never told anyone during his training is that he is so scared of screwing up and knowing that he can be the destruction of Section 31 because of when it came to Star Fleet and keeping Earth safe that was his priority number one.

At Star Fleet Corps of Engineers when he arrived he didn’t know what his actual job was. His rank he knew was LT. Commander. So when he got there someone my the name of Dr. Joe S’more Johnson assistant to him and understanding mad said he needs to work on the Galaxy refit. Confused at first because it was at his home and then he remembered his home isn’t on any star map except as Alpha Centauri. So he helped them and at times he had to remember that his rank was temporary and giving to him my Section 31. During his time there he forgot about Section 31 and started to get a little to comfortable and knew that Section 31 was due for a outset by Federation and he prepared everyday and wanted what is best for Star Fleet first not Earth.

The time on Star Fleet Corps of Engineers was fun for Justie but it seemed to be repeatable and he was getting restless and contacted the Admiral and said “Can I be commander of USS Florence?”. Then he started looking for new jobs so he can see his home colony on his time and not on the Admiral’s time.
Service Record 2386-2393 USS Florence - Ensign to Lt.

2390-2393 Starfleet Corps of Engineers Lt

2393 - 2395 USS Florence - Chief Engineer

2395 - present USS Florence Lt. Commander and Commander of USS Florence

2395 - present Vidal Fleet Yards Chief Engineering Director