The Drax Empire

Created by Vice Admiral Domingo Martinez on 04/18/2019 @ 10:37am

The Drax empire has only recently decided to take itself out amongst the stars. Although there are several members amongst Starfleet the Drax themselves are relatively xenophobic. When asked Starfleet members of this race have compared themselves to Betazoids, saying “Think of a Betazoid, but with more umphh!”

The Drax are a Telepathic and Empathic race, they also used to be Telekinetic but the gene for Telekinesis was lost in most Drax families millennia ago although it may lay dormant in the current members of the families who possessed the gene those millennia ago. It is said that the Drax government is working on methods of trying to reactivate the gene but so far without much success.

Being a race of telepaths children on Drax are assessed at a young age as to where they will be educated and what their roles in society will be when they are older. Those of the highest ability are required to become part of Drax Psi control, those who police the criminal element of Drax. Military forces are also made up of those with higher ability as are the Ambassadorial core of Drax.

Drax pregnancies are approximately the same length of time as a Human, nine months. The main difference being that pregnant females experience the hunger, nautiousness and tiredness of pregnancy as soon as their bodies start to nourish a growing embryo. The nautiousness lasts a few months before subsiding, much like that of a Human pregnancy.

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