Disco Era Sims

Created by Vice Admiral Domingo Martinez on 05/20/2020 @ 9:51am

Welcome to Eighth Fleet, the year is 2257 and the USS Alexandria and the USS Augusta have just been transferred to the Eighth Fleet to help Starfleet begin it's space exploration program.

After the Klingons signed the treaty with the Federation. A new fleet was established to begin the exploration intiative from Starfleet and the Federation. Join Captain De Leon and Captain Williams, as they lead their crews to the unknown.

The USS Alexandria is under the command of Captain Mateo Vito Erasmo De León. The Alexandria is a crossfield class science cruiser.

The USS Augusta is under the command of Captain Katherine Williams. The Augusta is a nimitz class eavy cruiser.

USS Alexandria

USS Augusta


Mateo Vito Erasmo De León
USS Alexandria CO

Katherine Williams
USS Augusta CO

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