Valhalla Fleet Yards Command Unit

Created by Vice Admiral Domingo Martinez on Wed Feb 12th, 2020 @ 7:52am

Welcome to Valhalla Fleet Yards the home of Task Force 99 in the Kriss Alternate Universe. The year is 2399 and with hostilities beginning to resurface along the Federation and Cardassian Borders, the Federation has tasked Rear Admiral Domingo Martinez and his crew, with the task of ensuring the peace, and addressing any concerns the New Maquis, Cardassian Detapa Coucil and the True Way Alliance may have.

In 2395 Admiral Martinez assumed command of Starbase Port Royale, but due to increase hostilities, with Pirates, New Maquis and the True Way Alliance along the border. Starfleet upgraded the station from Aurora Class to a Guardian Class and assigned a fleet yards to it. War is knocking at Starbase Port Royale's front door. It will be up to the crew to find a stability and balance within the area. The Cardassian Depata Council, the legitimate ruling body of the Cardassian People has asked the Federation for assistance, with a race calling themselves the True Way Alliance.

In the shadows two organizations hope to take advantage of the chaos, and make their presence felt. The Shadow Council and the Socra Empire strive for power and a foot holdings along Federation borders. Will the Federation go to war with either power, or accept them along the border. Meanwhile the Cardassians continue to rebuild, and the Romulans continue to push any hidden agenda they may have. .

Valhalla Fleet Yards

Here are the support commands attached to Valhalla Fleet Yards. The station has three assigned support vessels, that can carry out individual missions, when the situation calls for it. Valhalla Fleet Yards is under the Command of Commodore Sarah Sanchez. Valhalla Fleet Yards is apart of the Fourth Fleet Tactical Command Division.

Starfleet Academy

Port Royale

Utopia Station

USS Nautilus

USS Hangzhou

USS Nostromo

USS San Marcos
SFA Training Ship

USS Avalon

USS Avadora

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