Starship Guide: Departure procedure.

Created by John Eagle on 10/01/2019 @ 8:15am

Below are the standard commands a captain may give their bridge crew in order to prepare a starship for departure from being docked. These are simply guidelines and a captain may give commands in a different manner, but the needed commands are the same.

Bellow is a possible response to the command as well.

Towards Executive Officer: Bring to condition green and ready for departure.
Response: Aye sir. Condition green, all hands rig for departure.

Towards Engineer: Bring Main deflector, warp drive and impulse engines online, make sure warp intermatrix ration at optimum efficiency.
Response: Aye sir. Main deflector and main drive systems register as ready.

Towards Science Officer: Bring main sensors online, check worker bees clear of area.
Response: Aye sir. Main sensors online. Registering all worker bees out of drydock area.

Towards Tactical Officer: Bring structural integrity field online, make sure tactical systems are primed and ready.
Response: Shields and defense systems register as fully operational, sir. We have a full complement of torpedoes and the structural field are engaged for transit.

Towards Helm Officer: Clear all moorings, 1/4 impulse. Signal quartermaster about departure.
Response: Signaling drydock. All moorings cleared, 1/4 impulse power, aye.

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