Dating Scene

Created by Vice Admiral Domingo Martinez on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 10:05am

Who's dating who on Port Royale

Domingo Martinez(J) and Sarah Sanchez(S)
Johnathan O'Bryant(J) and Riley Godfrey(S)
Zayne Frontera(S) and Kieran Solwick(J)
Kenneth Anderson(J) and Brooke Landry(S)
Johnathan Raynor(S) and Isabel Robinson(J)
Gente López-Fonsi(J) and Ava Parsons(S)
Kyle Goodman(J) and Layla Sorenson(S)
Derek Winston(S) and Jordyn Hopkins(J)
Justine Green(S) and Emily Patterson(J)
Deacon Corbett(S) and Zodra Losal(J)
Michael Hudson(J) and Veronica O'Neill(S)
Harrold Anderson(J) and Sabrina Lowry(S)
Anthony Wilkerson(J) and Michelle Rivers(S)
Nicholas Trevino(S) and Delilah Godfrey(S)
Rylan Chartland(S) and Erica Solwick II(J)
Bryon Coleman(S) and Elsie Barnett(J)
Karl Davenport(J) and Veronica Johnson(S)
Preston King(J) and Millie Becker(S)
Cody Barnett(J) and Kiera McAlister(S)

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