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Relationship with Sarah Martinez:

Sarah Sanchez, High School Senior

Dom and Sarah were high school sweethearts. The two were inseparable and dated their junior and Senior years of high school. They met at the winter formal their junior year, by accident. Dom went to the winter formal because he was the treasure in the student body government. Sarah was a cheerleader. They met by chance, by accident at the event. Sarah was did not have a date to the event and her parents forced her to go, she was a soft spoken woman when Dom met her. They met when Sarah decided to explore the dance, she found a hidden area behind the sound stage and Dom was in the room with a few other students managing the lights, sound stage and other key functions for the school dance.

Dom felt an instant connection with her. But they were young, and decided to give love a chance. The two dated till they graduated from high school, but it was clear to Dom that there relationship will probably not work out. Thanks to Dom serving on the student body leadership, Sarah learned she liked politics, and Dom decided he was better at being an officer than a diplomat or a politician.

Dom always wanted to fly, and be a pilot. He loved the thrills of being a fighter pilot. He was also ready to defend the Federation if another situation arose. Dom and Sarah agreed to end the relationship after one year, the long distance relationship angle was to much on both of them.

Dom and Sarah remained friends for years, but over the years they discovered the chemistry they shared as teenagers never left. Everytime Dom was around Sarah, he felt like a kid all over again. Discovering the love he had for her. Everytime they had to say goodbye, it was just as hard as the time it was before.

In 2395 everything changed. Dom and Sarah accidently became pregnant. Dom's did not want to be an abscent father, and for the first time in his career he had to think about his life choices impacting his future children. So in 2397 when Task Force 215 had an opening for Task Force Excutive Officer, Dom applied for it and was promoted to Commodore. This allowed Dom and Sarah to start up a real relationship between them.

Starfleet Career & Relationships:

[Starfleet Academy]

Dom's life in Starfleet began in 2379 when he joined Starfleet Academy. He earned his pilot certification in 2383. Prior to that, Dom spent most of his academy days on Earth at the San Fransico Facilty and the orbital facility on Mars. Dom and Sarah had ended their relationship. They had very little time together when they were both at the academy. Dom always seemed to be traveling, while Sarah remained on the academy grounds.

Part of Dom felt guilty, he really liked Sarah. The two remained friends, and there was several nights during their academy days where they allowed their passion to get the best of them. But in the end, they decided to remain friends. Especially since diplomats did not serve on carriers.

So they both knew, they did not have a real chance. Dom did not want to be tied down to a station. He had always wanted to serve on a Federation Carrier. Sarah was interested in pursuing her career into politics. There was talk that Sarah wanted to become a Senator. There was a slight decension between then in regards to the political structure of the Federation. Dom noticed trends of Starfleet not looking out for the outer colonies. Dom tried to shrug it off, thinking maybe he was over thinking things.

Beyond Sarah Dom did not have any real meaningful relationships with the ladies. Most of his time was spent preparing for his exams, and his flights. Most of his days, were occupied. He wondered would life always be like this as a pilot?

Dom did spend some time on the USS Falco, a shelby class carrier that was one of the acient relics still left in service. She was reactivated during the dominion war. The ship class was starting to be phased out when Dom joined the fleet in 2383.

[USS Falco]

In 2383, Dom completed the academy and Captain Marcos Knox saw something in Dom. Captain Knox invited him to join his fighter wings on the USS Falco. Dom was more than happy to join the ship. He really liked the flight teams on the ship, and was starting to make a few friendships.

Dom remained on the ship for four years, working his way up from Pilot to Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer of the USS Falco. Dom first boarded the USS Falco as an Ensign and was assigned to the 210th Fighter Squadron, knick name "The Flying Cobra's." He spent two years among them.

In 2384 Dom was told by Sarah, his close and dear friend with benefits. That her parents were forcing her to spend time with an old family friend. His name was Paul Gillman. He was a nice guy, but it was clear to him, that Paul liked Sarah. And it was clear, that she liked him too.

both of their ideologies lined up better than his did with Sarah. However with that said, Sarah did not start up a relationship with Paul. She respected Dom, and knew that Dom did not approve of him. He was not a fan of others forcing their ideologies onto others. Starfleet was forcing their pacificist movement, and her parents where forcing her to hang out with Paul.

Dom felt betrayed and alone. And it was all of his own making. Sarah was loyal to Dom, despite their indifferences. They had a real passion. But slowly Dom decided they needed a break. A chance to regroup. In 2384 things started to change by the end of that year.

Dom met a young ensign in by the name of Sarah Wildman, they started to date in the winter of 2384. The two started to become friends. For the first time. Dom had been attracted to another lady. This completely confused him. Dom now had a new Sarah to be friends with, while his Sarah was now being friends with a guy named Paul.

In 2385, the Synth Attacked Mars. Which caused the ideologies that Dom feared to become full blown reality. Dom had feared this day. After the attack, Dom had changed. He hated the new ideals of the Federation. This was no longer a Federation and no longer a Starfleet that he reconized. Sarah Sanchez and Dom stopped being friends for a short time. Dom was only fooling himself, his passion for her still raged on. He was only lying to himself, because of his ego.

Dom started to Date Sarah Wildman. However he never felt the passion. He like her, and he was attracted to her, but there was something missing. When Sarah was offered a transferred off the USS Falco. She asked Dom to go with he. She had taken a promotion to Chief Science Officer on the USS Farmington, they had an opening for the chief control flight officer position. Dom told her no. He was loyal to his Captain. And he was not sure how he really felt about Sarah Wildman. He wanted to remain on the USS Love Joy.

Dom was not a fan of long distance relationships. During this whole time, Dom had thought about the mistake he had made with Sarah Sanchez. He started to wonder if he had a thing for girls named Sarah. Because he knew deep down, he did not love Sarah Wildman. He was still in love with Sarah Sanchez. But his ego and her relationship with Paul made going back to her not possible.

Dom knew he needed to end things with Sarah Wildman, After his breakup he started to think about the good old days with Sarah Sanchez. He started to work on repairing his friendship with Sarah. However, Sarah had married Paul Gillman in 2387, which was around the time that Dom was transferred to the USS Lovejoy.

Sarah was not buying his smooth line antics, she decided to remain with Paul Gillman. Dom felt like his chance to be with her was now over. He really kicked himself in the but for letting her go. (Add more when you get home J)

Dom did move onto a new girl, and now that the other Sarah was gone. She was not going to give in so quickily. Dom spent the next two years rebuilding the trust and respect they both shared. Deep down Dom felt that Sarah was being a little unfair. They were not together before, and his feelings for her never changed. The only thing that did was him dating Sarah Wildman. But that was now over, and he knew he did not want to date anyone else.

[USS Lovejoy]

From 2387 through 2397 Dom spent his time on the USS Lovejoy. When the USS Falco was retired, Dom transferred with Captain Marcos Knox to the USS Lovejoy. The crew had mixed feelings about the ship. They all really loved the aging Shelby Class Carrier. Most of them wanted the Lovejoy to be renamed to the Falco, however starfleet denied their request.

In 2387 the position of Chief Control Flight Officer opened up, and there was no one else that Captain Knox wanted for the role. He only had one man in mind for the role. The USS Lovejoy home port was Starbase Wake Island, which happened to conicide with Sarah's position on the station. She had been recently promoted to Chief Diplomatic Officer.

Dom and Sarah decided to rekindle their off again and on again relationship, with casual hookups. The two were like honeymooners. They could barely contain their love and lust for one another.

In 2389 Dom was promoted to Second Officer of the USS Lovejoy, a position he took with Grace. He really idolized Captain Marcos Knox. He felt it was an honor to serve as his second officer. Sarah was very proud of them, but despite their refounded romance, they both agreed it would be to hard to be in a long distance relationship. The occassional fling, would have to do for the two of them.

The USS Lovejoy would continous head back to Starbase Wake Island. Unlike the USS Falco, the USS Lovejoy power requirements and resupply requests were over the top. Dom could not figure out why Starfleet choose this ship class to represent the fleet.

There was one good thing from all the constant resupplying. He got see Sarah and spend time with her. They had several series of romantic flings. Each time it was growing harder and harder to say goodbye to one another. Part of Dom, wanted to settle down, and he considered a transfer. Then everything changed in 2390.

In 2390 Dom was offered the position of a life time. Captain Knox offered him first officer, their former first officer was being promoted to Captain, and being given a command of his own. Dom felt guilty, but this was a dreanm opportunity. One that he felt like he could not turn down.

He knew would regret it, if he turned it down. So in 2390 Dom became the Excutive Officer of the USS Lovejoy. Sarah was very proud of him, but he could tell that she wanted more from their encounters. But fate was keeping the two officers and love birds away from one another.

A few years had passed with Dom learning what he could from Captain Knox, he knew the Captain was going to retire, he had mentioned he wanted to pass along his wisdom to Dom. He encouraged him to take the command chair. Dom told him, that he wanted to be an admiral. He did not want to lie to his mentor.

He liked command, but felt that the fleet had more to offer him, and he felt that he had more to offer the fleet. Than simply taking on one command only. Captain Knox already knew deep down that Dom would be one of the youngest admiral's in Starfleet's history.

Dom was not very happy with the pacifist ways of Starfleet and wanted to change it. He knew the only way to become an Admiral was to work his way up the chain of command. Before the synth attack of 2385, Dom saw himself being a starship captain, and nothing else. But seeing how poorly Starfleet handled the crisis, it cemented his belief he needed to help fix Starfleet. And remind them they were explorers, not pacificists.

Captain Knox convinced him that it would be okay to be a Starship Captain, even if it was only for two to five years in length. He knew Starfleet would be happy to accept him. Knox was looking to retire, but he felt the same way that Dom did. To that point, he wanted to help Dom achieve his goals, in part it would help him achieve the same goals. Marcos told this to Dom, when he retired in 2394. He wanted to live out the rest of his life, in peace and settle down. Starfleet had transformed into something he hated.

In 2394 Dom accepted the position of Commanding Officer of the USS Lovejoy. Dom was sad to see his friend retire from Starfleet. He understood why Marcos did it, and he would honor his friend by taking on the role as commanding officer. Dom spent the next three years as her commanding officer.

The last two years were a struggle for him. In 2395 Sarah told Dom that she was pregnant. He was completely shocked, he had not anticipated this. He knew someday they would have kids. But he was not expecting it to happen when it did.

Dom missed the first two years of Ariana and Arturo's life. He saw them from time to time, but it was not the same. When Dom heard that the Commanding Officer of Starbase Wake Island was stepping down as CO, he applied for the role and it was granted to him. Dom knew this was his opportunity. And he was not going to miss out.

[Starbase Wake Island]

In 2397, Dom transferred to Starbase Wake Island, and was promoted to the rank of Commodore. Dom confused his love for Sarah, and practically demanded they get married. He did not want to spend another moment away from her.

Even though he made the change, it took him a while to make the transfer to Starbase living. While serving on the station he was also assigned command of the USS Hornet, as his flagship. The small sabre class starship served him well, even though most of the time it stayed docked at the station.

Dom really focused on his relationship with Sarah. He had a lot to prove to her, and he was making the most out of the opportunity to prove to her, that she and the kids had come first. In his eyes, Starfleet had violated their core values. So he had to re evaluate his own values. And his family came first.

Dom was still trying to change the Federation through Starfleet to re open its exploration program. Dom started to attend meetings, to help steer Starfleet in the right direction. He remembered Admiral Picard talking about the fall of the Federation in 2385, citing that they had a need a purpose to help the other races. And in the past 12 years he noticed that pirates were taking advantage of the power vacuum that Starfleet left.

Most of the outer colonies were now under attack, or under seige by the pirates. The Federation did nothing. Some of these colonies were members of the Federation. The pacificist ways of the Federation, were blinding the Federation.

Commodore Oh, seemed to be in full favor of the pacifism. She was head of Starfleet Security. Dom remembered trying to convince the Commodore that they needed to take action, to protect assests of the Federation. Most of the colony worlds, did not offer any value to the Federation beyond their membership.

Growth in Starfleet had come to a screaming hault. The academy was still going, but membership as a whole was down. And groups like the Fenris Rangers, were growing in popularity. There was even rumors that Seven on Nine from the USS Voyager had joined their ranks.

Dom spent three years as the XO of Task Force 215. He was learning alot and making sure to raise his voice to the unpleasantries that he felt from Starfleet and the fact they had betrayed their oath. And to his surprise, Sarah his lovely wife had finally seen the light that blinded her back in 2385. People were finally seeing that what they were doing was wrong.

In 2399, Admiral Picard who was now retired had exposed Commodore Oh. He had discovered that she was a Romulan spy. And not a standard spy, but a spy at the highest levels of the Tal Shair. This action caused the Federation to reconsider its policy and allowed them to re open the doors of the Federation, and to start up the exploration iniative.

Dom and Sarah had drawn really close to one another. For the past two years, they had decided to really give their love a try. They started by moving in with one another in 2397, and by 2399, Sarah had agreed to marry him. They had a big wedding on Earth, with all of their family. The twins were loved and pampered. Dom silenting joked that the kids were the real stars of his wedding. They family loved seeing Arturu and Ariana.

In 2400, Dom was promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of Task Force 215. He started to collobrate with Starfleet to launch its exploration itativities. Dom's task force was a defensive force. He personally oversaw the construction of Valhalla Fleets. So for the next 5 years he worked closely with Starfleet Corps of Engineers to get the fleet yards operational. They would be the head quarters for the 8th Tactical Command, which would include a new exploration task force. Dom had hoped to command this new task force, when the time was right.

In 2400, Dom was promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of Task Force 215. He started to collobrate with Starfleet to launch its exploration itativities. Dom's task force was a defensive force. He personally oversaw the construction of Valhalla Fleets. So for the next 5 years he worked closely with Starfleet Corps of Engineers to get the fleet yards operational. They would be the head quarters for the 8th Tactical Command, which would include a new exploration task force. Dom had hoped to command this new task force, when the time was right.

Starfleet began to get word that the Klingon Empire war against the Gorn Hegemony was almost at an end. Starfleet wanted Dom's fleet to be ready for an assault. At the time Dom had 18 ships to protect the area. Starfleet had order the creation of the 8th Fleet. A fleet that was wiped out after the dominion war of 2372.

Starfleet command eagerly awaited the completion of Valhalla Fleet Yards, they made the fleet yards a priority project and little less than five years the station and all of its support structures were now completed.

Dom was fearful of the Federation mandate at the time. The Federation condone the attack. Council Woman Marie Durant spoke to the Federation News Network, indicating their distaste for the attacks. Dom feared the Klingons would use her words to justify attacking the Federation.

For the moment, Chancellor J'mpok focused his attention on the Gorn Homeworld. Ambassador Worf attempted to help ease talks and get the Federation and the Klingon Empire to rejoin the Khitomer Accords, the talks went on death ears. For the moment the focus was not on the Federation.

In 2401, The Klingons learned that Councilor Konjah was an Undine agent. The agent was killed for his treacherous actions that lead to the war with the Gorn Hegemony. It was later discovered they were behind the attacks. The Klingon-Gorn War was entering its final days. The Battle of Gila IV was a turning point for the Klingons. It showed them that the Gorn resources were pretty scarse, especially in relations to troop numbers and their strategic placement. The Klingons pressed on with their attacks.

Dom heard word that Captain MacAllister of the USS Lindberg attacked the Klingon Empire. He wanted to help the Gorn who were being slaughtered. He highjacked his own ship and attacked a klingon patrol, they purposly had intercepted. The attacked forced the crew of the Lindeberg to mutiny against their captain, in order to surrender the ship for its actions. Dom was furious, he knew this action could lead the Federation into war with the Klingons. The attack proved that the Undine had inflitrated the klingons they had anticipated that maybe Captain MacAllister and caused the incident against the klingon patrol, because he was an Undine.

A contingent of retired and current Starfleet officers, including Ambassador Worf, Admirals Beverly Crusher, Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay and retired Captains Ezri Dax and Tuvok appealed to the Federation Council to reconsider its position on the Klingon-Gorn war. "The Undine threat is real," Admiral Chakotay told the Council. "The Klingons know it. We should acknowledge it. Perhaps if we were helping them fight the Undine, more innocent people could be saved. There's a war coming, and it will be a long one."

The talks went on death ears, Starfleet had no proof that the Undine threat is real, and Ambassador Sokketh had a lot of logical counter points. The Federation decided not to join the Klingons. Dom felt this cowardly action was more proof that the pacificism that swept through the Federation for the past two decades was not gone completely. Dom stepped up production of the Fleet Yards. He feared they could be a sitting target, knowing how valuable the area of space was.

War with the Gorn pressed on, while tensions between the Federation and the Klingons remained tense, however the klingons did not react the minor incident. They appeared to have ignored the incident for the time being. Ambassador Worf resigned his position to remain with his people, calling the Federation Council honorless for ignoring the threat that the Undine now stood for.

In 2402, The Klingon-Orion Fleet had blockaded the Gorn Homeworld. They were getting ready for a final strike against the Gorn Homeworld. The war with the Klingon Empire had now began. The armada began to bombard and block and supplies from coming and going to the Gorn Homeworld. For a brief moment, there appeared to be stability in the universe, for a short time.

Dom's station was becoming self sufficient, but it was far from complete. The station was now a sitting target and he knew it. He transferred 9 ships from his Armada to keep in orbit over the station. Sarah Martinez and her diplomatic team reached out to Worf, hoping to re open dialogue, but to no prevail. He refused to come to the table. If the Federation was going to ignore the threat that the Undine now posed. He and his people were not interseted in broking a new treaty.

In 2403, The Klingons brought down the protective shield that protected the Gorn Home World. 28 hours after the attack began the Klingons had landed troops and King Slathis of the Gorn Hegemony surrendered to the Klingon Empire. King Slathis met with Chancellor J'mpok and together they discovered that most of the Gorn High Council were undine infiltrators. This solitified the Klingons attack on the Gorn Hegemony.

After the completion of the war, Starfleet's attention turned towards the Romulan Empire, or what was left of them. Sela's rebellion was gaining strength. They proclaimed to the be real empire, an empire ran by a loyal Tal Shair regime. They started to undermine the authority of Praetor Taris, and making the empire weak and fractured. These actions forced Preaetor Taris to go into hiding. Sela approached the Senate and was announced the New Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire, ruled by the Tal Shair. She promised strength and stability for their people.

In 2404, Starfleet had nearly completed its construction of the Fleet Yards. They were less than a year from its opening. Beyond this achievement, the Federation was also celebrating its first Federation Transwarp Network. Admiral Chakotay made a speech how important the network was, especially given the events of the past two decades.

Dom though the Network was a good idea in paper, but it made for a valauable target. Starfleet feared the stability of power in the quadrant. The Klingons were still expanding their influence, and now so was the Romulan Star Empire. They feared both sides might join up to take out the Federation.

The Klingons made the first move, indicating they were going to re take the Hromi cluster back. They gave the Federation a chance to withdrawl peacefully. Chancellor J'mpok gave the Federation three months to withdrawl. Starfleet was placing more pressure on Dom to get the first line of ships up and ready. Production began before the station was even complete. Resources began scarse.

Praetor Sela had shown her people a solitary moment of peace. Something the Romulans had wanted since the collaspe of their star. Most loyalist Romulans blamed Ambassador Spock for. President Okeg met with her council and they agreed thy were not surrendering the Hromi Cluster. Even after the USS Montgomery Scott was damaged by the Klingon Empire. They believed they could protect the Federation assests. By the end of 2404, President Okeg began to prepare her speech.

On January 1st 2405, President Okeg declared the Federation would not be giving up control over the Hromi Cluster. They waited for the response from the Federation. At the same time, Valhalla Fleet Yards, Tango Fleet Yards and Beta Fleet Yards had just completed its completion. They already had ships being built, incase the Klingon's were going to press their attack.

Dom was promoted to 8th Fleet Tactical Command, Commanding Officer. He was hoping to transfer to this unit to serve as the first task force commanding officer of this newly formed fleet. Dom was grateful and completely shocked to given this honor. Dom's hard work was now going to get a chance to shine.

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