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Lieutenant Commander Alexander Newman

Name Alexander Rene Newman

Position Hangzhou CEO

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 185
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Alexander is in good shape, but not a bodybuilder. However he prefers to use his free time to hit the simulation room or the bar. Has a cobra style tattoo wrapped about the marine corps symbol to show his dedication to the corps and to his duty to Starfleet.


Spouse Engaged Avril Taylor
Children NA
Father Michael Newman
Mother Jeanette Newman
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA
Other Family NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview He believes in work hard and play hard mentality. Alexander who prefers to go by Alex, is very dedicated to his job. His work hard and play hard mentality, makes him a hit or miss type personality for a lot of personal. During working hours, he has a real get the job done no matter the cost type mentality, but after hours, he can seen at the bar hitting up on the ladies!
Strengths & Weaknesses Alexander has a driven to success model for his life. He really believes that playing hard and working hard, which allows him to achieve any goal he sets for himself. Anthony is very focused on his career driven. He learned from a young age, that he had a love for racing, and speed. However, due to perception depth issues, he was not able to pass the flight test examination.

Always looking for the next promotion. He believe he can services are endless, and he needs to be utilized more. He has the ability to multi-task and strategize. Alexander loves to show off his abilities, as great engineer. Often sited for his exceptional performance, while under duress. Especially in combat situations.

Alexander is very confident in his abilities, almost to the point of being arrogant. His cocky attitude also feeds his ego and his player like mentality. He is young officer, that has a lot to learn.

His own attitude can get in the way of him taking criticism. He believes there are really no equals in his line of work. He did not achieve his goals based on the help of other engineers. Most of the time they got in his way, and he spent more time, trying to teach them to be an engineer.

Alexander feels he is the best engineer in the fleet, he feels that he is even better than the legendary Gabriel Sharpe. He often feels that he is not challenging himself enough, so in his spare time, he started to work on way of improving the engines on a fighter, he wants them to operate at peak efficiency without redlining or blowing up.

His primary passion is still being a leader to the men and women who serve under him. The Marines have allowed Anthony to hone his skills, and increase his ego, but only because he is good at hiding it, with his charm.

Ambitions Alexander wants others to see him, the way he sees himself. A natural born winner. His attitude is only matched by his ability to backup technical skills. He wants everyone to know, he is the best engineer in all of starfleet. Deep down he just wants everyone to notice his contribution.
Hobbies & Interests Alexander loves to socialize after hours with the crew in the lounge,he has a party lifestyle mentality that suits him well with the ship crew. He uses his charm to keep people blinded to the fact, he has a complexity issues.

When is at the lounge he loves to dance with the ladies, and hit up on girls at the bar. Beyond socializing in the lounge, he enjoys spending time in the simulation room, and keeping his skills fined tune. He has the drive to be the best.

Alexander is interested in camping, rock climbing, exploring, white water rafting, snorkeling and backpacking.

Personal History The Early Years

Alexander Rene Newman was born on July 17, 2370 to Michael and Jeanette Bowman. He was born in Twin Falls, Idaho. He was not really a fan of the dessert, and the warm summers that striked his hometown. From a young age, Alexander knew he wanted to join starfleet, to get off Earth. It was a very depressing planet.

Everyone was grieving over the attack the dominion did, when he was a kid. He did not grasp the severity of the attack, he was young and shielded by naive youth personality. Alexander learned to resent a lot of the adults they were to focus on whining, when there was work that needed to be done.

At a young age, he took up a lot of the house hold chores, and fixed a lot of gizmo's and gadgets. He found in his youth, that he liked fixing things. But he had a thrill for flying. He always thought he would grow up to be a pilot.

Graduating High School

Alexander graduated high school and applied to Starfleet Academy, as a fighter pilot, but his application was rejected. He failed the perception depth testing that was required for fighter pilots. Alexander was devastated, but did not want to give up on his dream. He decided to change fields and was accepted into engineering corps, at the academy.

Prior to joining the Academy, Alexander had an interesting high school, he developed his cocky attitude, and started to show a little disrespect towards his peers and teachers, he believed he was smarter and better than most of them. His pride made him, cocky and arrogant. He always had a new girlfriend, but could not hold down a steady girlfriend.

Alexander was not concerned, about his dating life. He knew that his future was head of him, and he could not be tied down to his home town. So he made a conscious effort, not to date, till after he completed the academy, so that way he can focus on his studies.

The First Assignment: USS Lenovo

After completing the academy, Alexander was assigned to the USS Lenovo as an Engineering Officer in 2391, he was arrogant and prideful. He resented the Assistant Chief Engineer. Alexander believed the man was incompetent and needed to be replaced. He was furious that his commanding officer, the chief engineer did not take his side. He did not believe that the chief engineer was incompetent, he was made that he did not see the potential in Alexander, and take his side.

by 2392, he was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer, and Lieutenant Junior Grade only because his predecessor failed in his duty, and was killed in the line of duty. A death that Alexander believed, should have never happened. He made it clear to all that if he was in charge, the assistant chief engineer would not have been killed. Despite the objection of the first officer and chief engineer of the USS Lenovo, the Captain appointed Alexander to Assistant Chief Engineer.

Alexander's commanding officer rode him hard, and every time, Alexander rose to the challenge. There was no doubt in anyone's eyes, that he was a great engineer. However his pride and arrogance, and lack of remorse, was a concern. His commanding officer started to work with him, became his mentor, and by 2394, recommended him for promotion.

Service Record Service Record

2399 to Present
Primary: Starbase Port Royale, Engineering Officer
Secondary: USS Hangzhou, Chief Engineer

Primary: Starbase Port Royale, Engineering Officer
Secondary: USS Tianjin, Chief Engineer

2395 - 2399

Primary: Starbase Port Royale, Engineering Officer
Secondary: USS Tianjin, Chief Engineer

2394 - 2395

USS Shanghai, Chief Engineer
USS Juno, Chief Engineer

2391 - 2394

USS Lenovo, Assistant Chief Engineer


Starfleet Academy - Engineering


Graduated High School