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Commodore Titus Knight

Name Titus Aurelius Knight

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 185 LBS
Hair Color Dark brown (with gray ciming in at the temples)
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lean frame that hides surprising strength after decades of working out. He doesn't have very large muscle mass, but his body still lack any excess body fat. That is why he looks more or the skinnier side than what his strength and agility would show.

He has a series of thing scars running over his chest and stomach.

Titus also has a short well kept stub of grayish colored facial hair that he has allowed himself to get as he got older. On duty he has a very stern looking facial expression but his piercing blue eyes show a very deep and vibrant soul on the inside.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Bryce Knight (Deciesed)
Mother Sally Knight (Deciesed)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview While on duty. Captain Titus Knight run a highly efficient ship, constantly pushing the crew to train more and to become better than they where the day before, the hour before and even the minute before. Through discipline and hard work he believes a crew will be able to keep themselves and others safe to the best of their abilities.

But because he expect the very best out of the crew, he also provide the best for the crew. He is known for arranging huge concerts and parties onboard for when the ships he's commanding when they are in port or close enough that such an event would be logistically safe and possible. The concerts often had guest starts in everything from music to stand up comedy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tactical training: After decades of experience, Titus have extensive tactical training in shuttle, fighter and star ship combat.

Highly disciplined: Pushing himself and the crew to be the absolute best, there by hoping that the crew will be able to save themselves and others with a higher percentage of success.

Reputation: Because he have the reputation of being so demanding and hard on the crew under him, many might develop higher levels of stress and depression that under other captains.
Ambitions To serve Starfleet until the day he dies of old age.
Hobbies & Interests Titus actually enjoys playing the piano when he is off duty, often playing old earth classics like Beethoven and Bach. He also greatly enjoyes the practice of making and building miniatures of various things, from creatures to ships to buildings. The entire process makes him think deeper about things in the three dimensions.

He also enjoys reading books, real paper books. The touch of the paper makes things more real to him.

Personal History Titus Aurelius Knight was born to Bryce and Sally Knight on the Luna Colony. His parents where heavy rig drivers and engineers that often worked on larger projects in Sol systems. Everything from using larger tugs to single repair shuttles. This also exposed the young Titus to the controls of smaller ships and his parents whole heatedly supported him with what ever pursuit that their love child was after.

At the age of eighteen, Titus applied to Starfleet Academy, aiming for command and pilot branch. He was easily accepted because of his skills piloting crafts and his general understanding of mechanical parts of large and small craft. Having watched with fascination when ships of the line where built in general stages. The second week after the academy started, disaster struck. His parents where killed in an industrial accident, leaving him an orphan.

But with the help of his classmates, teachers and even the few friends that he had. Titus managed to struggle through the grief and because of the massive support, he made a personal vow to serve the organization that cared so much for him. He was well aware that not the entire organization was good, some parts were very much on the line of being evil. But the idea of protecting others, the innocent and just against evil planted the seeds of his extreme view about discipline and hard work.

Titus graduated hour years later with honors, Majoring in piloting and minoring in command. His first posting was on the U.S.S. Falco as shuttle pilot and piloted fighters during all the major engagements during the war. Being a veteran of the war, he quickly rose through the ranks and stayed on the Falco until he was given his own command.

Now many years later he has been given the opportunity to serve on a very unique vessel, a vessel that could very much be where he can do the most good with all his experiences. A carrier that would act as a peacekeeper and support vessel attached to Port Royal.