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Rear Admiral Sarah Martinez (Sanchez)

Name Sarah Ann Martinez (Sanchez)

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 120
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sarah is a tall and slender woman who comes across as confident and comfortable in her own skin.


Spouse Married: Domingo Martinez
Children Arturo Martinez, 9 years old
Ariana Martinez, 9 years old
Father Juan
Mother Maria
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sarah has a confident air about her. She greets people with a smile and friendly nature. She is a people person, having been in diplomacy her entire career but she is private when it comes to her personal life. Sarah is protective of their children and cautious over who comes around them.

That being said, she loves going to parties as well as an occasional night out with Dom. With their careers and two young children they don't happen often so they are treasured.

Sarah has few people in her life she would call friends but they are close ones.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sarah is strong and confident. She likes to resolve issues with little issue but has the back bone to handle what she has to. Her family comes first and she will do what she needs to for them.

Where Sarah was once a shy, soft spoke woman who went around with rose-colored glasses she has seen how cruel life can be and is well rounded and sympathetic to others.

Ambitions Sarah‘s goal was to go into politics but life has a way of changing that. She will continue to climb through Starfleet as long as she likes what she is doing and believes in the system.
Hobbies & Interests Play games, go to a party, camping or reading a good book. Sarah loves ballet and gardening. Since there isn’t a lot of opportunity for her to do that she has plants in their home she takes care of.

Sarah also likes sports, especially volleyball and soccer.

Personal History The Early Years:

Sarah was born and raised on Earth, the only child of Juan and Maria Sanchez. When she was a young girl, her other enrolled her in ballet classes, which Sarah hated. Finally, with the help of her father they convinced her mother that it wasn't to be.

As Sarah grew older she joined both the school soccer team and volleyball, as well as a cheer squad. Sarah was popular and had many friends but she was shy when it came to boys and dating. In High School she joined the cheerleading squad and became captain of the team. Her parents were both proud of how she managed the extra-curricular activities and still excelled in her school studies.

Dom and Sarah Sanchez-Martinez

Dom and Sarah were high school sweethearts. They dated there Junior and Senior years of high school. They met at the winter formal their junior year, by accident. Dom went to the winter formal because he was the treasurer in the student body government. Sarah was a cheerleader. They met by chance, by accident at the event. Sarah did not have a date to the event and her parents forced her to go, she was a soft-spoken woman when Dom met her. They met when Sarah decided to explore the dance, she found a hidden area behind the sound stage and Dom was in the room with a few other students managing the lights, sound stage and other key functions for the school dance.

Dom felt an instant connection with her. But they were young, and decided to give love a chance. The two dated till they graduated from high school, but it was clear to Dom that there relationship will probably not work out. Thanks to Dom serving on the student body leadership, Sarah learned she liked politics, and Dom decided he was better at being an officer than a diplomat or a politician.

Sarah had her mind set on going into diplomacy. She felt a calling for that particular field. With Dom wanting to be a pilot, they agree to end their relationship. Neither of them felt they could last in a long distance relationship.

Though they had ended their relationship, they promised each other they would remain friends. As their careers were pursued, they discovered that their feelings for each other had not diminished at all. Every time she saw Dom, she felt the feelings she had that first time they met.

Finally, in 2395 their lives took a turn as Sarah and Dom found out that they were expecting a baby. Sarah felt shock at first and panic at what they were going to do. Dom was adamant that he would not be an absent father. She was tempted to give up her career, wanting their child to have both parents full time. Sarah was ecstatic when Dom told her he had taken the position as Task Force executive Officer at Task Force 215. It paved the way for them to be together and finally have the real relationship both of them had dreamed about.

Starfleet Career & Relationships:

[Starfleet Academy] In 2379, Sarah started at the Academy, majoring in Diplomacy, with minors in political science and public relations.

Sarah missed Dom terribly. She kept trying to convince herself that it was because he was her first boyfriend and first love but deep down she feared that he had been the “one” and she would never find true love again. Sarah buried herself in her school work, keeping herself busy to try and get over him. The trouble was that just when she would think she was over him, Sarah would bump into Dom and her feelings of passion and lust would take over. Sarah kept the mentality that they were friends with benefits and that it would never go anywhere. As much as she felt they had made a mistake and given up too easily, Sarah knew there were no answers. A long-distance relationship would not work for either of them and it was no way to raise a family and both of them wanted children.

Sarah kept in contact with Dom. They had promised each other they would remain friends and she could feel from their talks and correspondence between them his excitement and how happy he was to have moved forward and was living his dreams. Sarah wondered at times, how he could go on. When she was alone at night, the loneliness would kick in and she had to keep herself from contacting him.

Sarah made one friend while at the academy. She met Juliette Maynard while studying at a local restaurant and the two became good friends while going to the academy. Sarah started hanging out with her and though she still felt the loss of her relationship with Dom, she made friends and started to look toward a future as a diplomat. Sarah went on dates, but she didn’t go out with the same guy more than one or two dates and they were purely platonic. She wasn’t interested in starting a relationship at this point in her life, she wanted to focus on her career.

Sarah’s happiest moments were when she was in class with other students wanting to be diplomats as well. During their breaks from courses, instead of going home to see her parents, Sarah was often invited to go with her teachers and sit in on some diplomatic conferences. She also sat in a few diplomatic meetings where conflict had been resolved and she was credited with helping to ease the dissension.

Sarah graduated at the top of her class and could see how proud her parents were of her. The only low moment was that she wished Dom were there, that they could share in this moment. She swore she saw him at one point, in the audience but she looked for him afterwards and knew it must have been her imagination.

Service Years:

Sarah left Earth almost immediately after graduation. She had been assigned as a junior diplomatic officer on Starbase Astraeus. At first, she found the work tedious, almost a glorified secretary. The chief rarely allowed those working under him to attend meetings or get real experience. She told herself she had to pay her dues and that her time would come. In the meantime, she continued to keep in contact with Dom and had spent a weekend with him, when his ship had docked at the station. Listening to him talk had encouraged her to start taking responsibility for her career and stop allowing the chief to control it. A part of being a diplomat was negotiation after all.

The first day of work after Dom left, she asked to speak with her chief and Sarah was frank and honest. She explained her frustrations and that she was well qualified to do more than set up meetings for him and keep their files updated. To Sarah’s surprise the Chief assigned her to a meeting the very next day. Sarah knew he expected her to fail and she prepared herself, finding out all the details. When she returned to their office and explained that not only had it been successful but that things had turned out even better than expected. Sarah could see the surprise on the Chief’s face and from that moment on her career started to pick up. She was given independent assignments and worked hard toward a promotion. Sarah knew that it was up to her to further her career and she was determined to do so.

In 2384, Sarah’s parents came to visit the station and brought along Paul Gillman, the son of her parent’s lifelong friends. Sarah knew immediately that they were up to something. Her mother encouraged Sarah to spend time with him and then Sarah found out they would be working out of the same office, on the base. She confronted her parents and they confessed that they were hoping that she would hit it off with Paul. In order to further her career, and someday even become a senator, she needed to have a resume that included a husband and family. Sarah didn’t want the complications of dating, she was focused on her career and contacted Dom, expressing her dismay in what was going on. She felt better when Dom encouraged her to stand up for herself and do what she wanted to do. Sarah could feel the tension and knew he didn’t care for Paul. If she were honest with herself, Sarah would admit that she enjoyed spending time with Paul. She was lonely and Dom had broken up with her after all. She spent time with Paul when not working but kept it at a friendship at this point.

In 2385, Sarah learned that Dom had started to date. Her name was Sarah Wildman and she couldn’t help but wonder if he was confusing his feelings for her, with them both having the same name. Sarah felt confused as well as betrayed. It made no sense as they were not involved but she had resisted Paul’s attentions because she had held out hope for her and Dom. The catalyst came one night when Sarah had gone to dinner with Dom on the base. She knew Dom’s ship was there because he had let her know and they were going to have dinner one night. It was while they were eating that Sarah saw Dom with his new love interest. Sarah knew in that moment that he had moved on and she needed to as well.

In 2385, Sarah started to date Paul. Though she continued to keep in contact with Dom, when the Synth attacked Mars, they disagreed on the direction of the Federation. Sarah still wore the rose-colored glasses that the Federation was all that was good and felt Dom was over reacting. For a time, they didn’t speak, but Sarah could not stand not having Dom in her life. She loved him still and her passion for him had not lessened.

Sarah finally made the decision to become serious with Paul. He wanted a family and he loved her and she knew that if she just showed an interest in him that he would ask her to marry him. She knew that there was no future for her and Dom. Every time they saw each other their passion took over and they had a fling and when it was over, they were both left to pick up the pieces. Dom wasn’t going to change. He would not be in a long-distance relationship and his career came first.

In 2387, Paul asked Sarah to marry him. She accepted and they returned to Earth for their wedding. It was after their honeymoon that they were both transferred to the Diplomatic Offices on Earth. Sarah was promoted to Assistant Diplomatic Officer and raised to Lieutenant.

Though Sarah was married to Paul, she tried to keep in contact with Dom. When she let him know she had married Paul, they had another disagreement. Dom felt she had given in to parental pressure and that she wouldn’t ever feel about Paul the way she did about him. Their friendship had become distant but Sarah knew deep in her heart that her love for him had not lessened. But she had made her choice. Dom had not changed so there was no point in even discussing it.

For the first few months, Sarah and Paul had been happy. She was determined to make it work. Then, she heard from Dom who informed him he had broken up with Sarah Wildman. He wanted their friendship back. Sarah wasn’t willing to jump back into being his good friend. She told him that they could start out slowly and see how things went. Though the passion and love was there, she was married to Paul, not to mention they were polar opposites on many things in the Federation. Sarah made it clear to Dom she was married to Paul and he had to accept that.

But slowly, as happens, a one-sided love rarely works out. Sarah began to feel guilty because she knew she didn’t and could never ‘love’ Paul in the way he deserved. At one point, he asked her if she ‘truly’ loved him or loved him more than Dom. Sarah replied that love is never the same. From that moment on their relationship changed. Paul started staying at work late, making excuses. When they were together it was strained, it was all that Sarah could do to keep going. She felt like she had no one to talk to. Dom had been against her marriage and didn’t like Paul. Plus, she didn’t want to prove him right. Her parents were on board with Paul, so she felt alone.

Sarah knew things were eventually going to come to a head but not in the way it happened. Sarah came home from a meeting and found Paul in bed with another woman. She should have felt pain or disappointment but feeling nothing let her know it was time to end their marriage and she filed for divorce, it was finalized in 2389. Shortly after she took a transfer to Starbase Wake Island.

Wake Island:

Sarah felt better than she had in a long time. She was starting a new chapter in her life without the influence of anyone trying to give her advice on what she could or couldn’t do. Sarah had realized that she had no desire to go into politics or become a senator. Another positive note was that Dom was back in her life. They had a tenuous friendship and after a couple years of Dom showing her that he had changed, Sarah felt she could trust him and let him back in. It was at that point that she shared the truth of her relationship with Paul. How unhappy she had been and what she had gone through. Sarah even admitted that during her time on Earth she had seen the changes in the ideals of the Federation, she felt, like Dom did, that there needed to be change. Sarah confessed that she had always loved him and that her passion for him was even stronger than before. If friends with benefits was all they would have then she would accept that as long as he gave his word, they would be exclusive.

Sarah and Dom then entered into a relationship where their passion flurried. Any time he was at the base they were together. Sarah wasn’t fooled into believing this would ever become more than this. She had accepted it and Sarah had found peace. They were happy and that was what was important, even though it became harder and harder to be apart.

Sarah found life as a diplomatic officer on Wake Island to be challenging as well as rewarding. She worked hard and was fortunate to serve under a Diplomatic Officer, Drucilla Morgan. Drucilla was older and thinking about retiring but waited until she knew that Sarah had the skills to take over as the Starbase Diplomatic Chief.

In 2393, Sarah was promoted to Chief Diplomatic Officer as well as Second Officer of the base. Though she had had no designs on command, it felt good to be challenged in other areas. Sarah took the position on as she did everything in her life, putting her all into it.

The year 2395 would be what Sarah would call the greatest year of her and Dom’s lives. She started feeling sick and much to her surprise she found out she and Dom were having a baby. She was both excited and nervous. She wasn’t certain how Dom would react. Would he want her to transfer to his ship? She knew he was adamantly against being an absent parent. The problem was, Sarah loved her job, she wasn’t willing to transfer. However, when Dom returned to the base, she told them they were having a baby he was shocked. For a little while he discussed a transfer, but Sarah told him that he would regret it and they would make it work. They were both shocked at her next appointment to find out they were having twins.

In December of 2395, Dom and Sarah welcomed Arturo and Arianna Martinez. Sarah took maternity leave and enjoyed some time with their babies before she headed back to work. Things went smoothly unless one of the babies was sick, but she had a good staff. Whenever she felt run down, she reminded herself that Dom was out there on a ship, being an absent father. Something he did not want to be. She felt guilty at times that maybe she should have offered to transfer but Sarah knew she would not have been happy.

In 2397, Dom took the command position on Wake Island. Sarah was both elated and nervous. She and Dom had discussed the possibilities of serving together. Sarah expressed her concerns and only when she was certain this was what he wanted, Dom would be happy did she fully come on board with it. It wasn’t long before they were living together.

It felt like Sarah had waited her whole life to be married to Dom and yet when he asked her after settling on the base, she turned him down. Sarah knew he was upset and hurt but she explained that her first marriage was pushed on her and rushed into, and she had promised herself to never make that mistake again. Sarah wanted to live together and they, or rather she, would know when marriage was right for her.

Sarah could see that Dom was trying. He would show in many ways that she and their children came first. It took a while, but in 2399, when Dom once again took a chance and set up a romantic dinner that she said yes to his proposal. They married back home on Earth with both their families present. In a quiet moment before her wedding, Sarah’s father apologized for their part in her relationship with Paul. Sarah could see how badly he felt and old wounds were healed. She enjoyed their time on Earth and would always remember their honeymoon which was a special time for both of them.

In 2401, a position for Regional Diplomatic Director on Wake Island came open and Sarah applied for it. She went through a difficult process with interviews. Sarah knew there were others as qualified or what she felt was more qualified than her. With the support of Dom, she persevered and was awarded the position.

Now that Sarah had a position of importance, she knew she could be more effective in the changes that the Federation needed to make to return to their core values. Somehow, they had lost their way.

With the pirates attacking the outer colonies and Sarah knew from talking to Dom how frustrated everyone was. She reached out through diplomatic channels and helped set up a group of former Federation officers who started going in and rescuing the wounded and those the pirates hadn't killed.

Sarah could not believe how naive she had been just a few years before. Now, when Dom vented, she listened and sympathized with him. Sarah waned to be his support, the one person who would listen without offering advice or had an agenda of their own.

As tensions grew with the Undine, Sarah worried at times for their children's future but Sarah had faith that with Dom's passion for a new, improved Federation that the twins would grow up into a universe to be proud of.

Diplomatically, Sarah felt a sense of hopelessness. She tried to bring Ambassador and others to the table to talk with her team but it was to no avail. The Federation ignoring the Undine's movements and motives had torn a fresh wounds and caused even bigger rifts.

Sarah was relieved when Vallahalla Fleet Yards were finsihed. That would aid them more support with the Klingons and Romulans both making moves to expand their portion of space.

Then came the crisis over Hromi Cluster. The Klingons making it known that they intended to take it back and the Romulans, refusing to let it go. Sarah attempted to negotiate between them but to no avail. Neither the Klingons or Romulans would budge.

In 2405, Dom was transferred to the Yards as Commanding Officer of 8th Fleet Tactical Command. Where Sarah would not have transferred or moved before, she now knew in her heart of hearts her family had to stay together. She immediately put in for a transfer and was surprised when she found out she was being promoted to 8th Fleet Diplomatic Corps Director, with a rank of Rear Admiral.

Service Record 2405-Present
Valahalla Fleet Yards
8th Fleet Diplomatic Corps Director
Rear Admiral

Wake Island
Regional Diplomatic Director

Wake Island
Chief Diplomatic Officer/Second Officer

Wake Island
Assistant Diplomatic Officer
Lieutenant Commander

Starfleet Headquarters
Assistant Diplomatic Chief

Starbase Astraeus
Diplomatic Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade

Starfleet Academy
Political Science Minor