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Ensign Mathias Darnell

Name Mathias Alexxi Darnell

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Mari
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 165
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Mathias stands somewhere between five feet nine and five feet ten. He doesn’t quite have a six-pack and doesn’t really work out in the traditional sense.. But he does run and engages in parkour so he keeps himself in good shape. His hair is a dark brown and he wears it in a deliberate mussed look. It may look a little wind-blown, but he has it under control. His eyes are a blue-green of the Aegean Sea on a clear day. More often than not he wears a little stubble on his face like he forgot to shave in the morning. That attribute, like his hair, is carefully maintained.

He’s not a fashionista, in fact, being new to the Federation, he really doesn’t know much about styles or trends. He’s more concerned with comfort than trying to impress, but he does like a retro look when he’s not wearing his uniform.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Darian Darnell 43
Mother Eliaz Darnell 41
Brother(s) Jamian 23, Setiara 21
Sister(s) T’naiah 19
Other Family Various uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Violent thoughts have been outlawed on Mathias’ homeworld and for the most part, they have been eradicated. However, they have not been eliminated altogether. There are still instances or random violent thoughts and even some violent actions. When those instances happen, they are dealt with swiftly and humanely. The offending engrams are removed from the perpetrator ’s body. The treatment is one hundred percent effective, at least on a temporary basis, but the side effects can be devastating. In their milder form, it can change a person’s personality or eliminate memories. In their more severe form, they can turn a person into a vegetable

Things have not gotten better since Voyager’s appearance twelve years ago. If anything they have gotten worse. Violent thoughts, while still minimal, especially compared to most planets has increased, and more and more treatments are being carried out. Meanwhile, the black market for the acquisition of violent thoughts has increased exponentially.

While their parents still had faith in the system, Mathias and his brother Jarnian, his twin, began to be disillusioned by it. Like many teenagers across cultures, worlds and times, they rebelled. They didn’t become violent in thought or deed, at least not at first, but they did become part of a growing resistance movement.

Jarnian was the more powerful telepath, and Mathias could shield his thoughts and if he chose the thoughts of others from detection. The authorities caught them and wanted to remove the bad engrams from them, but they managed to escape. Jarnian took a darker path after that, while Mathias applied for asylum in the Federation and decided to attend the Academy.

Strengths & Weaknesses Matthias is a strong empath and can communicate with other telepaths. When people talk, regardless of their language, at least humanoid languages, he can understand them. However, he really can’t read other’s thoughts. His strongest psionic skill is his ability to shield. He can both put up mental walls to keep from being overwhelmed by other’s emotions, he can also shield his thoughts and the thoughts of those close to him from, from other telepaths to keep them from being unable to decipher what others are thinking. He is unfamiliar with Federation culture. His experience on his homeworld has made him question authority. He is naturally inquisitive and curious. He has kept his violent thought suppressed for so long that he sometimes has to struggle to control his anger now when pressed, yet at the core of his being he is a pacifist, or at least he sees violence and aggression as an absolutely last resort which sometimes leaves him conflicted about the two sides of his nature. He also has a fear of heights that at times has threatened to be overwhelming.

Ambitions He’d like to be able to return home someday without the fear that he is going to be reprogrammed. Matthias isn’t asexual, nor is he a virgin. He did have a couple of affairs while at the Academy but he found the experiences empty and he ’s really looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, not Mr. or Mrs. Right Now.

Hobbies & Interests Parkour, chess, hiking, camping, almost anything with an outdoor theme, and spending time in the holodeck.

Languages Spoken Mari, Federation Standard

Personal History For many decades, Mari was, if not a utopia was at least a peaceful planet where violent thoughts had been outlawed, crime was almost unheard of and the number of there were very few law enforcement personnel It was in that atmosphere that Darian and Eliaz first met and fell in love. He owned a hotel and when she wasn’t helping with the books or at the front desk, was an artist, who was primarily into sketching and painting, sculpting when the mood hit her, which, while common was not unheard of.

They had been married for three years before she became pregnant. They knew by the end of two months that they were having twins boys. There was no need for tests to determine the gender, they could read their thoughts.

Until the boys were sixteen everything was pretty much normal, the business was doing well and Eliaz’s artwork, especially her abstract painting were selling. The family was prospering. Laron, one of their close friends was not so well off. They tried to help him when they could, but his parents’ import/export business was failing.

While the twins worked at the front desk at the hotel to ‘build discipline and character’, Laron had to work just to survive. He didn’t work at the hotel though, he got involved in the underground and highly lucrative black market for violent thoughts. He built quite the enterprise, focusing on wealthy teens like Mathias and Jarnian (though they were never really his customers. He’d given them a sample and neither one of them was really interested.

When he expanded his business to adults was when the trouble started. At first, the profits were tremendous which led him to be careless. He was after all a teenager. He was eventually caught. An engramatic purge was done with disastrous results. Laron wasn’t quite turned into a vegetable, but it had the same side effects as the ancient Terran lobotomy.

The twins were questioned about what happened. Because of Mathias’ ability to mask both his and his twin’s thoughts, there was no clear evidence that they were guilty of anything/ So they were spared that fate at least for a time.

Their parents urged them to “get with the program” and be submissive to the government, but because of what happened to Laron they were spurred to an entirely different action, they joined the underground Resistance movement. It really wasn’t much of a Resistance movement, mostly just endless planning and sometimes heated debate. They were, after all on a planet with non-violence at its core.

They were able to hide their involvement for two years, until just before they turned eighteen. By that time the movement had grown, become more formidable, more of a threat to the powers that be. Yet at the same time dissent within the ranks started to fester between those that wanted to continue peaceful resistance, just ramping up the pressure and those who felt that violence was a necessary evil. Mathias was a Dove, Jamian a Hawk was not. But, there was an even bigger threat to the group’s existence, they had been infiltrated.

One night, during one of their meetings a fellow rebel, was taken into custody, and Jamian erupted in anger and almost killed the official before Mathias could react and stop him.

They both managed to get away. Mathias tried to get his brother to get him to just leave the planet with him, but Jarnian wanted to stay and fight. So, the two teens separated. Mathias knows that his brother has gone down a dark path. Part of him still feels guilty for not stopping him and part of him feels guilty for not joining him.

Mathias managed to stow away on a Talaxian freighter. He spent seven months on the ship before they made it to Federation space. While on board he learned a number of their systems, it was a small ship and people had to be filled in on multiple stations. The Sirus made it into Federation territory where he sought and was given. At the age of nineteen, he entered the Academy.

It was not an easy transition for him, his culture and worldview was so much different than most of his fellow Cadets. Though he sometimes had (and still has) anger issues, he was, at heart a pacifist, a man who didn’t believe in violence, or the use of force, among so many other species who were not afraid of confrontation That on top of his natural abilities, that some were afraid of, he made it difficult to fit in.

He had never really dated, or been in any kind of relationship with anyone prior to his coming to the Federation he met and fell in love with Finn, the son of the Academy’s Commandant was his first and so far, only love. Finn also persuaded him to follow the Counseling/Diplomat track.

He excelled at both tasks but found him leaning towards counseling. Six months before graduation, Finn, who claimed that he felt like he was being smothered broke up with Mathia, which was the hardest thing he had gone through, but he did survive After his Cadet cruise he stayed at the Academy another eight months and completed his Master’s Thesis on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Because of his time aboard the Talaxian ship and a completed Master’s Degree, Mathias was commissioned as a Lieutenant (jg)when the left school rather than the typical Ensign rank.

Service Record Academy
to present Port Royale Sation