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Name Omek

Position Owner, Omek's Spirit Emporium

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 156 Pounds
Hair Color none
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Omek is average height for a Ferengi Male.


Spouse Dinsah
Children TBD
Father Tokli
Mother Maagi
Brother(s) TBD
Sister(s) TBD
Other Family TBD

Personality & Traits

General Overview Omek is a typical ferengi, greedy, needy and believes everything can be bought for a price.
Strengths & Weaknesses Omek has the ability to talk his way out of most situations, and find very rare and hard items.
Ambitions To own his own Moon.
Hobbies & Interests TBD

Personal History Omek was raised on Ferenginar, and after becoming an adult, he took a job at Deep Space Nine. He heard about the wonderful job opportunities, that could be opening up in the Gamma Quadrant. And the young Ferengi in him, wanted to take advantage. He had a young gold rush mentality.

When Omek took the opportunity, he did not know at the time, how territorial the Dominion was, in the Gamma Quadrant. The job appeared to be going nowhere. Before he could find a new job, the station was attacked, first by the Klingon's, then the Dominion, then occupied by the Dominion for a short time.

Omek wanted to leave the station, but his good friend Tovar, wanted to stay till the end of the war. The tips he was receiving at Quarks, during the war, where very profitable. Omek stayed out of loyalty to his friend. A rare trait to find in a Ferengi.

After the war, Omek's father Tokli, got him an interview with the Tovak Alliance, a Vulcan salvage operations group, that was salvaging federation and dominion technology, that was drifting in space. During the war, a lot of ships, stations and other technologies were now just littering several worlds, along the Federation, and Cardassian borders.

Omek stayed in their service for 15 years. Business started to dry up, and Omek found himself, looking for new employment. He ended up getting a job on Starbase K-13.

Omek was hired by Bolian named Grueg. He had a trader shop on the promenade. They were known for being able to collect, rare and valuable items, throughout the galaxy. Omek learned a lot about business management, and in 2395 when Starbase 714 opened up, Omek decided to open his own business.

He discovered that every race loved to drink, and he had a nack for finding rare vintages, and selling them. At first he had some competition with the Eagle Family, but they mainly focused on rare antiques and treasures.

Service Record 2395-Present ~ Starbase 714 “Port Royale”
↳ Owner, Omek’s Spirit Emporium

2390 – 2395 ~ Starbase K-13
↳ Import Specialist, Grueg’s Trader One Stop Shop

2375 – 2390 ~ Tovak Alliance
↳ Salvage Operations Specialist

2372 – 2375 ~ Deep Space Nine
↳ Waiter, Quarks.