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Commander Ian Mansell

Name Ian Mansell

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5’11
Weight 170
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ian is well built with expressive eyes. He has one tattoo of a snow leopard with his sisters name under it with a date.


Spouse Dating: Carol Hogan
Father Alexesi
Mother Elizabeth
Brother(s) Maxsim
Sister(s) Katerina

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ian is friendly and outgoing. He likes people and can talk to just about anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ian is confident and serious when working. It is all about his department and making certain things run smoothly. He knows how to balance work with friendship and is respected by those who work under him. He doesn’t like people playing head games or dishonesty.

While Ian isn’t a workaholic he does lose track of time and often spends more time in Engineering than he should. When involved in a project it is hard to pull him away.
Ambitions Ian, like anyone else would like his own ship but he is happy with what he is doing.
Hobbies & Interests Ian loves making things out of wood. Also likes to put models together. He reads manuals and keeps up on anything new with engineering. He likes a party just like the next person but also is content to stay home, maybe have some friends over. He works out on a regular basis.

Personal History Ian was born in San Francisco while his father attended Starfleet Academy. If you ask him where he is from he will tell you he is a nomad.

He grew up on starships and for a few years a starbase. Ian worshipped his father and wanted to follow him around. When he was a bit older he could be found in the engineering department. Ian loved taking things apart and putting them back together and enjoyed the work in Engineering.

Ian grew up very close to his siblings, studying and spending free time with each other. He excelled in school and followed his siblings to the academy. Maxsim went j to science, Kat in operations and Ian headed for engineering. Being a year apart, they roomed together, until each graduated and went on their way.

Ian first served on the USS Alabama. The chief engineer had a reputation for being strict and even difficult with his staff. Ian pushed forward and followed his orders and gained respect from the chief. Ian learned valuable skills from him and would always consider him to be his greatest teacher.

Ian was promoted and transferred to the USS Draggone on a recommendation from his former chief. Ian found the crew was more like a family and reminded him of growing up. He quickly made friends and established a life for himself. Serving in the Draggone was where he learned the most about himself and what kind of man he wanted to be. Ian also found love while serving there. Priscilla LaFleur was the chief operations officer and they quickly developed a relationship that would last until Ian received news from home that his sister Katerina was terminally I’ll.He took emergency leave and headed to Russia, on Earth to spend her last days with her.

Ian treasured every moment with Kat. He had promised her he would not dwell in her passing but would enjoy life for the both of them. He took time to mourn and then headed back to the Draggone and jumped into work. He would always miss her and there would be that sadness but he would live.

It was while he was on his leave of absence that Ian realized that while he and Priscilla had fun together she wasn’t the “one” for him. When he returned to the ship it didn’t bother him much that she was transferring. They knew a long distance relationship was not for them so they parted ways.

After three years of serving there, Ian was promoted to Chief and took an assignment on the USS Bridget. He found being in charge of the department more challenging and also fulfilling. He remembered all he had learned and knew he would soon have a reputation of being someone who expected the best out of his people and sometimes more.

Ian worked hard, wanting to be promoted to first officer. He did his job well and soon heard rumors he was going to get that position he so desired. But before that could happen, he had a disagreement with his captain and disobeyed orders. Therefore, he was passed over for his promotion and transferred off the ship to the USS Calypso.
Service Record 2405 - Present
USS Calypso
Chief Engineer

2400 - 2404
Engineering Chief
USS Bridget

2397 - 2400
Assistant Engineering Chief
USS Draggone

2395 - 2397
Engineering Officer
USS Alabama

2491 - 2395
Engineering Courses
Starfleet Academy